9 Warning Signs That It’s Time To Change Careers

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

One of the hard choices to make in life is a career transition. Often, it’s the fear of leaving a secured source of income and diving into the unknown. For this reason, many people are stuck in unfulfilling jobs longer than necessary. In fact, they are not sure if it’s time to leave or if they can hold on a little longer.

So, if you’ve been contemplating changing your career, here are nine scenarios that show it’s time to make the long-awaited change. 

1. You dread going to work every morning

For the working class, the end of the weekend signifies different things. It could be the beginning of a new week with endless opportunities or a dreadful stress-packed week. If you experience the latter, chances are the negative emotions are draining you, and you barely enjoy your work. 

In such scenarios, the thought of going to work on Monday morning and every other day in the week makes you uneasy. Neither a cup of coffee nor positive self-talk can get you excited. 

Now, if you experience this occasionally, that’s normal. However, prolonged feelings of boredom, discontentment, and fatigue are sure signs that it’s time to leave.

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2. You are experiencing body breakdown

Workplace burnout is a common phenomenon for most professionals. You might be stressed, easily irritable, and anxious most of the time. Sometimes, you may experience problems with your sleep even after a long tiresome day at work. 

The lack of energy, aches, pain, the tension in the muscles, stiffness in the shoulder, and consistent feelings of sickness are signs your body is shutting down. These symptoms will creep slowly and drain the life out of you, unaware. 

Without addressing the underlying issue, which is an unfavorable work environment, you might seek medication in vain. Cumulative stress can lead to burnout and further health complications if not checked. 

It’s time to take care of your health in a conducive work environment. 

3. Your job impacts your self-esteem

There’s a strong connection between your confidence and work life. Chances are when you feel undervalued and stressed out; you don’t believe in your abilities. It is almost impossible to stay positive when you feel pressured and overworked. This translates to a negative attitude towards everything around you.  

The overall effect is that your creativity will dwindle by the day. It will be challenging to be innovative, pursue challenging tasks, and make strides in your career. The negative energy will also affect your social life.

When you doubt yourself and second-guess every decision you make at work, it is time to reflect on your job. 

That job is not worth it if you are consistently looking down on yourself. The more you stay, the more it negatively affects your emotional wellbeing.

4. Your only motivation is the money

Money can’t buy happiness. The pay may be good. It could afford you luxuries that compensate for the lack of happiness. But is having a lot of money at the expense of your happiness worth it? 

A fulfilling career that gives you enough to live on is worth more than one that’s killing you internally and compensates for it in cash. Material things will give you temporary fulfillment. In the long run, you’ll feel empty and wasted. 

If the only reason keeping you from having a fresh start is the money, think again. A new career may sound scary and the future uncertain, but if it’s something you are passionate about, trust me, it’s going to be worth it. 

It’s important to figure out your finances and take a calculated risk before taking the next step.

5. You have poor relationship with your boss

Other times the relationship with the management can be strained. You can put in the effort to amend it. However, when you realize the damage is beyond repair and it puts you in a compromising situation, it could be time to reconsider other career options.  

You might be working with a toxic boss who is self-centered and takes pride in tearing you down at the slightest opportunity. So, instead of putting your reputation and mental health at stake, take the necessary steps when you still can.

6. You are not the same person at work

There are professional looks and a certain character you have to uphold as an employee in a particular field. However, if you change to a new personality when at work, something must be amiss. There is a high possibility that you are in the wrong job. 

You’ll notice playing a role most of the weeks is draining and unfulfilling. You’d instead take that energy and inject it where you find fulfillment. You are unique and who you are is a big part of what you offer. You don’t have to hide it to fit in.

7. There’s no room for career growth

It is human nature to strive for growth. In a job set-up, you strive for growth through learning and progressing in different positions. Often, you’ll start at an entry-level and grow to leadership positions. 

There’s also the possibility of being stuck in one position for ages without the hope of ever-growing. The best thing to do here is to find an employer who can use your experience and allow you to grow further.

8. Lack of life-job balance

Your career is as important as your social life. Thus, it is important to have time with your family and friends. A balanced life gives you the time to release the pressure and stress from work and cope better.

On the flip side, lack of life-job balance is a stressor that causes more harm than good. Often people neglect family to pursue money and end up losing that which money can’t buy.

9. The touchy talk

If you dread the question, “what do you do?” and brush it off with a smug, it could be time to make a change. 

If your friends have stopped asking you about your job for fear of your ranting, it is time. Probably, your conversations are characterized by complaints about every aspect of your job. 

It will help if you consider other opportunities if every thought about your job makes you sick.  

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