What’s Your “Great Life Philosophy”?

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Essays from:

Rob WhiteMind Adventures

“Now go out into the world and ACT AS THOUGH YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS ARE ALREADY SO – these hidden talents are no longer hiding from you. Persist; you will hear higher voices of sanity and compassion speaking to you. That is the Authentic-Self finally getting to have its say. LISTEN!”

Alex BlackwellThe BridgeMaker

“Love is a miracle. When you are able to share your love and become love you have something worth treasuring and celebrating. We should never take love for granted – it can be snatched away in the blink of an eye.”

Andrea DeBellBritetalk

“The Freedom Game is about changing how we feel about ourselves and our lives. I work at this game every day hoping to be a pro at it one day. As I internalize the rules of this new game, my life opens up and happiness and joy blossom like never before.”

Karl StaibWork Happy Now

“That means learning to use your superpowers every day. Yes, I said superpowers. You have them. You have powers to change the world. The thing is you aren’t using them enough. You are letting them go unused, hurting yourself in the process.”

Scott DinsmoreReading for Your Success

“A professional surfer friend of mine once explained the moment he finally caught his stride. He realized that surfing is not about riding waves. That’s only 1% of the experience at best. The rest involves wiping out and most importantly, paddling. If you don’t love paddling you won’t be out in the water for long. A surfer spends his life paddling.”

Angela ArtemisPowered by Intuition

“To find your divine purpose is to live life with passion and enthusiasm which is the hallmark of a life that stands apart from all others. And it is the ability to listen to intuition that sets apart a leader from a follower. When we learn to hear our intuition and trust it to guide us, we will begin the most exciting journey of our lives.”

John SherryReal Simple People

“By doing that I became truly happy. Full of life, full of love, full of appreciation, and, most importantly, complete with a personal identity that was mine and not false or hidden behind a job title or desire for recognition.”

Eduard EzeanuPeople Skills Decoded

“Learn to let go of such loony expectations and you’ll see dramatic improvements in your overall happiness and well-being. It’s a gradual process of pinpointing the unrealistic expectations in your thinking, combating them and gradually changing your automatic thinking patterns.”

Sibyl ChavisAlternaview

“We can accomplish what we desire and watch as life unfolds for us in the most amazing ways. We can look at anything and everything around us through the right type of lens and discover what it means to really live our best life. We can have a continual peace of mind and always feel centered and refreshed.”

Lance EkumJungle of Life

“Or, are you choosing to listen to your soul? Are you choosing to seek that which is within you? Are you choosing to let “you” shine, even if that’s not what people might expect? Are you choosing to live?”

Joe WilnerShake Off the Grind

“Learn to discover what you value most and how you can approach each day feeling enlivened and empowered to do anything your heart desires. If today was your last day how would you want to feel?”

Arvind DevaliaMake it Happen

“Once we realize and accept that we are all one, and part of a bigger picture, we can really focus on serving. And the more you give, the more you get back anyway, so it is a win-win situation.”

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