Do you feel stuck and unclear about what’s next?

Do you want more meaning and passion in your life?

Are you dissatisfied with your work and ready to chart a new path?

Join The Path to Your Calling Group Coaching Program

There is no blueprint for following our dreams, but there are principles and strategies to make the process as successful as possible.

This group coaching program will help you find work you love and create a plan of action to start doing this work. 

By the end of the program you will:

  • Learn to adapt and cope with challenging transitions
  • Tap into your potential, so you can discover and seize more opportunities 
  • Explore your passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs
  • Determine what’s important for the next chapter of your life
  • Define goals and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Uncover obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your success and blocking your fulfillment
  • Push beyond these barriers so you can achieve your goals
  • See that you have the power to live your life according to your values and purpose
  • Remain focused, motivated, and accountable
  • Work toward greater fulfillment and personal transformation
  • Be better prepared for future transitions
  • Lead a happier, more successful life

Gain clarity, courage, and commitment to pursue your calling in a supportive and affordable coaching group.

Uncover Your Path Program Outline

This program is organized into three phases, with four sessions each. Each session includes specific exercises and outcomes to help you chart your path.

Phase 1: Clarity

The first phase is geared toward finding clarity and answering question like: “What is my calling?” “What am I meant to do?” “What’s most important to me?”

Phase 1 sessions:

1. Who am I?

2. Vision

3. Mission

4. Values

Phase 2: Courage

The second phase is about courage and creating an action plan. You’ll learn what you need to do and who you need to become, to take bold action to get you closer to your dreams.

Phase 2 sessions:

5. Beliefs

6. Goals

7. Relationships

8. Daily Do’s

Phase 3: Commitment

The final phase is to develop commitment and faith. You’ll prepare for the inevitable challenges and obstacles you’ll face along the way, and be given a system to create mindset to achieve your dreams.

Phase 3 sessions:

9. Action

10. Insight

11. Adjust

12. Rework

How it works?

Significant and lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time and effort.

That’s why this program is for people who are ready and motivated to do work they love and work that makes a difference.

What’s included? 

– 4 months of group coaching (individual sessions as needed)

– 12 group sessions (90 min. in length) 

– Groups meet over phone or televideo based on group preference.

– Weekly theme with specific material to uncover and follow your calling.



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