How to Never Lose Sight of Your Destiny

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

You are destined to do remarkable things, but it won’t be easy.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not suggesting that the goddesses of fate are in control of spinning the threads of your life in order to teach you a lesson.

I do however believe in dharma and cosmic order, and I believe you’re an integral part of this grand scheme.

Part of the cosmic harmony is you fulfilling a mission in this life and making the world a better place.

But like I said before it’s not going to be easy.

This is probably why many people don’t follow a greater calling.

Despite a feeling that you’re meant for more, that you’re meant for something special, something HUGE, you do nothing.


You don’t want to feel discomfort of growing out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to fail and make mistakes. You don’t want to face the doubts and insecurities that will pipe-up when you decide to think big.

But, If you really want to fulfill your destiny you’ll do all of the above.

To heed the call and accept the mission means you won’t always feel good or safe or secure.

Are you willing to accept that your journey will be difficult? 

Remember that the most rewarding things are often the most difficult.

Here’s how to never lose sight of your destiny.

Slow times are grow times                  

Before we have a breakthrough we often experience a breakdown. I know that doesn’t sound inspiring but if you can embrace that adversity is the doorway to growth you’re on your way to illumination.

Before Siddhartha could start his journey toward enlightenment he had to become fully aware of and connected to deep human suffering.

To become the person you need to be to achieve your dreams requires you to step directly into adversity and confusion.

You’ll feel stuck and stagnant. You’ll fail and make mistakes, and it will all be used for your growth.

Stop thinking that it should be easy, embrace that difficulty is inevitable, and you’ll eventually reach the next precipice of the mountain.

Don’t stop at your doubts

Many people stop at their doubts. They place clear limits on what’s possible and don’t push these boundaries.

We have dreams and desires but when we think about them we immediately say, “I couldn’t do that. It’s too risky. I’m not the type of person who does that.” 

What if you could make your desires a reality?

What if simply entertaining the possibility that you could do more and be more is exactly how greater possibilities are created?

When you start to believe in yourself, your mind and heart will go to work on helping you create that reality.

You’ll stop blocking the flow of inspiration and start recognizing opportunities that you never noticed before.

Stay in the “blessed zone”

The blessed zone is when we’re surrounded by synchronicity and flow. It’s those auspicious times in life when we feel a sense of inspiration and soulfulness. It when you feel vibrantly alive and good things are happening because of it.

The path to the “blessed zone” is an abundant mindset and belief that opportunities are on the way. This comes by focusing on what you want to experience and staying in higher consciousness of love and gratitude.

Meditate on abundance and good fortune, and use a gratitude list to stay in a blessed mindset.

You won’t always be in the blessed zone but the more you can stay in a grateful and loving state of mind the more you can reinforce this mentality as an attitudinal norm.

Choose faith over fear

Faith fuels the journey toward your dream. Without spirituality and faith you won’t have the conviction that drives you through adversity.

A spiritual relationship and faith will help you persevere and be courageous.

The cosmic order can give you signs and messages to help you see “the way,” but you have to listen and take the step.

Faith is what keeps us in the game despite the odds being against us.

As I mentioned previously, adversity and doubt are a part of the journey.

Stop denying your calling because you don’t believe you can or don’t believe you have anything to offer.

You’re meant to do amazing things in this life!

Push through the adversity, keep faith, and grow your patience so you never lose sight of your destiny.

Photo credit: Jeremy