Let Loose, Start Living, and Stop Taking Yourself so Seriously

“Our true age can be determined by the ways in which we allow ourselves to play.” – Louis Walsh

I don’t know if it’s human nature, but there is certainly a human tendency to focus on shocking, tragic, and overall negative news and information.

It fascinates us and we’re simply draw to it. If it wasn’t for this inclination it would probably be much easier to view life through a lens of wonder and innocence, instead of with such grave seriousness.

You may be saying, “How can I not take life so serious?” There are countless things I must do and so many people depending on me. I have goals I’m striving to achieve and don’t want to look like a failure if I don’t succeed.”

Believe me; I understand these plies and often think along the same line. But, I also know how life can change if you start to change your grave outlook.

Don’t be so serious and:

  • You will worry less
  • Enjoy life more and be more fulfilled
  • Be willing to try new things more often
  • Laugh more often
  • Expose your true-self
  • Connect with people on a deeper level
  • Experience more moments of significance

If we want to find more happiness we must learn to not take ourselves so serious. Real delight comes in life when we aren’t excessively worrying and overly concerned with every potential “what if?” scenario.

Here a few ideas about how to take yourself less serious.

Are so important that you can’t be happy?

Things can seem like a big deal from our little plot of existence. Anything that happens to us personally can come off as a monumental event. But it’s important to look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture of existence.

We need to get over ourselves and realize that the world will go on without us. If I was gone tomorrow, I have to admit that the world wouldn’t stop in its tracks. People would be sad yes, but would they remember as someone who enjoyed life?

Did I live my life to the fullest? Did I follow my passions? Did I strive to be my best while still enjoying life?

We are all important to someone and provide value in many ways, but by removing ourselves from the center of the universe we can see that if we go for our dreams and fail it’s really not that big of a deal.

Likewise, no matter how serious or important of a position we hold in life, it’s not worth giving up our happiness for.

Go for whatever you have always wanted, but make sure to have fun in the process.

Do whatever you always felt to serious to do

There are probably countless things you would do if life didn’t seem so serious and restricted. One of hardest things to comprehend is the idea that we have total freedom to live the life we desire, if we’re willing to push past the assumption that responsibility equals seriousness.

How many times have you wanted to do something but claimed “I don’t have time to be “playing around,” I have more important and pressing issues?”

Following our passions can seem like a pipe dream, and life can really become a drag if we’re not careful. What would you do today if you let yourself “play around” and have more fun and enjoyment?

Whatever it is do it! Take singing lessons, record an album, write a book, start a non-profit organization, or paint a picture. It doesn’t matter what it is, expand your horizons and have more fun.

Do you really “have to” do anything?

We go day to day focusing on all the “must do’s” and “have to’s” on our list, instead of all the “I get to’s”.

This is a part of our mental chatter that leads us to view our daily routine as holding monumental importance even though most of the things on our list don’t offer any life changing impact.

I admit there are things we have to do in order to have a certain standard of living, but there is a big difference between responsibility and stoic seriousness.

Stop driving yourself crazy with all the things you feel have to be done. Be conscious of what you tell yourself so you can start appreciating what you get to do.

Live in the moment and move toward greater things

You may have had something terrible happen to you in the past, or you might have a lot of life changes in the future causing you worry, but these are all ideas that you can let go of.

If you want to move forward and seek greater things to come, you have to learn to let go of emotional baggage, and let yourself live a life looking forward to today’s opportunities.

Don’t let your past take over the person you are today. Free yourself from negative forces and handle every situation with a light heart. You have a choice to enjoy life and have fun. You must appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

No one is perfect or has all the answers. Be willing to be vulnerable in order to uncover the power you really have.

Please leave your comments below! I would love to hear from you! How do you let go and unwind when life start to get  serious? What do you do to add silliness in your life and have fun?