Rise and Grind 3: Inspiration to Conquer the Coming Week

Here are the 5 recommended post from the previous week that offer inspiration, insight, and knowledge to help you have an enhanced week to come. These are posts that deserve special attention and specifically inspired me through the previous week. Hopefully they will provide you needed encouragement and inspiration when the week gets hectic or stressful. Read one each day to put yourself in a successful state of mind Below are the links to some great blogs, wonderful people, and inspiring content. If you have already read the posts below, why not check them out again? They are certainly worth it.

Posts to help start the week off right:

Real Simple PeopleHeart Is Where The Home Is

“Your heart! Where love starts and ends – because it is your real home. Bricks and mortar are the material counterpart to the heart. Where that home represents the love, security, joy, passion and shared experiences in life, the heart is your inner haven of all the same. And more.”

Mind AdventureYou’re Not a Victim of Circumstances

“Only by taking command of your life, will you feel truly satisfied and happy. You were not born onto this planet to be a victim of circumstances!! YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES (whether you admit it or not). Most folks have lost awareness of this fact – what about you?”

Duct Tape MarketingAccentuate the Negative

“I was reminded of this by a post that came across my RSS reader this week from Business Week called The Stop-Doing List. I think it can be very useful to get the negative, what you don’t want, out so you can finally see more clearly what you obviously do want.”

Goodlife ZenHow to Turn Passion into Success: Confessions of an Accidental Blogger

“In this interview, Barrie gets Mary to reveal the secret of why she turned into a blogger, and how blogging has changed her life… ‘That’s what I’m doing with my life: to sing myself away completely. I want to be insanely useful and to give myself away in each moment. That’s full-tilt living.'”

Reading for Your Success6 Ways to Squeeze Opportunity (and Purpose) out of a Nasty Economy

“Your life is not the economy or your job (or lack there of). While those things are important, they are not what ultimately matter. Stress can disappear as fast as it came, if we know what’s behind it. We are in direct control of the experiences that truly create happiness.”

I offer a big thank you to the above writers for their wonderful content and inspiring blogs! Check them out, bookmark them, or subscribe to stay in touch! Have a magnificent week!