How to Boost Productivity While Working from the Comfort of Home


Are you a part of the fortunate group who get to work from the comfort of your own home? For many people the idea of working wherever and whenever they want is pretty appealing. Maybe you are self-employed or maybe the company you work for has offered the opportunity for you to work remotely outside of the corporate office, but either way there are benefits to consider from working more independently. Working from home enables you to have greater flexibility and work according to your own schedule. You won’t have the boss looking over your shoulder, and you avoid those distracting team meetings that you really have nothing to do with. You also won’t waste the energy, money, and time of commuting to work. No more hiring a cab, jumping a train, or waiting in rush hour traffic to get your day started. If you have this opportunity, whether self-employed or through your employer, be aware that working from home can have some pitfalls if we’re not careful. There are a few things to consider to work in an organized manner and be more productive.

4 steps to increase your productivity while working from home

Here are 4 steps to increase your productivity by working from home. 1. Prepare a task list every day It may sound minor but preparing a task list every day will enable you to do your daily work much more efficiently. Since you’re working independently, it can help hold you accountable. So, the first thing that you should do is to sit down with a paper and pen and write your task list for the day. It should consist of all the important projects that you need to do. For instance, if you are working as a freelance writer, you should prepare a list of all the article topics that you will write in a day, or if you’re in sales, a list of all the contacts you will be making. A mind-map can be a very helpful way of getting ideas organized. 2. Make your work space comfortable Making your work space comfortable is a vital factor if you want to work with your best effort and improve your efficiency. Since you are going to spend most of your daily hours at your work space, you should try to decorate it in an inspiring and supportive way. You may put up some interesting pictures, photos of your loved ones, or poignant quotations. Ensure that the room temperature is neither too warm nor too cold and set your desk at the right position so that you feel comfortable. Use high quality furniture for your work station where you can sit in a relaxed way for the whole day. Focus on what can help you be productive, whether you need greater organization and order, or more creativity and inspiration. 3. Take a break and step away from computer  It is very important to take proper breaks when you really need them. This can help you refresh your mental and emotional muscles. Take a break by having a drink or snack to get some refreshment. Socialize with friends or take a walk to improve your attitude. Working from the comfort of your home can often be more productive for many people; however sitting in front of the computer for continuous hours without a break will only deter your productivity if this isn’t balanced with breaks. Once you lose your concentration, your brain becomes tired and you feel sleepy. As such, it is essential that you keep yourself aware of your energy level and stay away from computer for some time. When you notice your concentration is waning be willing to take a break so you can return to work with your full productivity. 4. Get rid of unnecessary disturbances If you want to increase your productivity it is essential that you get rid of any unnecessary distractions that are hampering your work. In an office there are many disturbances such a colleagues gossiping, cell phones ringing loudly, and fax machines beeping, all of which can divert your mind from more important functions. What about the home environment? When you work from your home there are certainly still interruptions that may create problem in working effectively. Be aware of distractions from your cell-phone ringing, unexpected guests or noisy neighbors, the temptation to watch television or work on other needed chores around the house. It is ideal to have a set location where you can work free from these distractions, but if you don’t have a home office be aware of these possible distractions so they don’t your productivity. Working from the comfort of our own home can be very relaxing and pleasing. Though we want to make sure our home environment is work friendly and allows us to be as productive as we can. These steps can help begin to make the shift toward starting a home based business, having days away from the office, or just enhancing our current level of efficiency. What do you do to stay productive when working from home? How do you avoid distractions and stay focused? Author: Stewart Smith is a financial writer associated with many finance related communities. He has written some articles on how to get relief from financial debt. You can email him at Photo by: Photography King ♛