5 Mobile Apps to Skyrocket Productivity

Sometimes it can be hard to get things done and stay productive. It’s not that you don’t know what your priorities are; it’s just that it is difficult finding the motivation and time to keep at it. It is easy to get distracted by Facebook, playing games, watching TV, or even just checking your phone. Well, there is a way to make checking your phone actually helps you get things done. There are plenty of smartphone apps that are meant to help you stay productive, not distract you. Here are five apps I recommend that can help you be more productive, and a little bit of information about how they work.


Evernote is a great way to keep organized and helps you remember anything and everything. Evernote lets you sync any notes, pictures, web clippings or files with any device or computer that has the Evernote app attached to your account. You can collaborate with friends or colleagues because whatever changes you or a collaborator makes can be seen with anyone who has access to the documents or files. If want a way to keep all of your thoughts organized, Evernote can help you out. The company has many other apps that work with the main Evernote app if you have any other needs. The app is available for just about any type of phone.

Pocket Informant

If you have trouble remembering deadlines, meetings, or names and contact information, this app will help you out. The Pocket Informant app will help keep all of your contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar into one location. You can easily set up different tasks in your calendar, and can even set up reoccurring tasks. Using the app you can see your tasks in the calendar by the day, week, month, and even in a list. Also, the app can sync up to your Google Calendar or Tasks account, and can be seen on any device that has the app. You can buy the app for $12.99 in iTunes, or in the Android market for $9.99.


Skype can help keep you productive whether you are working from home, at the office, or even when something important needs to be dealt with while on vacation. The app lets you text and instant message friends and colleagues as well as send photos, videos or files. It also lets you make voice calls and video calls so you can always stay in the loop no matter where you are. Skype is available for individuals and has rates for small and large businesses. The app is available for just about any type of computer or device, but does require internet, WiFi, or 4G connection. If you like to do business that is normally out of range but like using Skype, you can always look into T-Mobile broadband services, or other wireless internet devices. This lets you message Skype contacts no matter where you are.


For some people, the best way to be productive is to organize their thoughts. iThoughtsHD is a mind mapping app that helps your keep ideas organized. You can easily create topics and subtopics as well as move them around on the page when brainstorming. The app allows for easy organization and lets you change the colors of each topic or subtopic, as well as link to other files, add images, change fonts, and change the links to each thought. You can easily email the map or upload it to the cloud as a PDF or a mind map. The app is available for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.


Quickoffice gives you access to your Google Docs, Dropbox, MobileMe and many other accounts. This app lets you have access and the capability to edit any Microsoft Office documents on your phone, tablet, or any other device with the app. It is an easy to use app that helps you organize your files and stay productive even on the go. You are able to access your files while you have internet, WiFi, or 4G connectivity. The app is available for iPhones ($14.99), iPads ($19.99), Android phones ($14.99), and Android tablets ($19.99). There are plenty of different apps out there that can help you get organized, stay focused, and keep you on track with work. Hopefully these suggestions will give you some direction, and will help you stay productive whether you are working in the office, at home, or on a business trip. About the author: This is a guest post by Whitney Adams. She is a freelance writer for AndGeeks.com. Whitney’s articles tend to delve into the more technical and complex problems that society struggles with when it comes to technology. She loves breaking those problems down and offering clear, bite-sized solutions for the average user. When she’s not online or surfing Pinterest, Whitney and her camera enjoy taking walks around her quaint home town and exploring the antique markets.