How to Stay Inspired When Times are Tough

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” – Mandy Hale

It can be hard to stay encouraged and inspired with everything going on in the world.

Maybe you’re having some back luck with your job or career. Maybe your confidence has been shot or you’ve had to adjust to a less appealing lifestyle.

It’s natural to feel defeated and unmotivated when faced with unexpected setbacks.

Clearly, there are tragic and adverse situations where trauma and distress are beyond the scope of this article. But for those of you facing more relatable obstacles, I want to help you find the resolve and inspiration to get through it.

Here are some simple ways to find meaning and inspiration when life is hard.    

Social media boundaries

Social media platforms can be a great place to find inspiration, but they can also be a polarizing source of negative energy. On the positive side, social media is a great way to stay connected with the uplifting relationships in your life.

Be intentional to set up your feed on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, to show positive commentary and messages that expand your consciousness. 

These platforms can also be a convenient way to learn, grow, and facilitate self-improvement.

Take a few minutes to filter through the people or brands you follow, and makes sure they are sharing content that match your values and helps you feel better after you put your phone down.

Learn about your personality type

There’s no better time to do self-inquiry then when we’re going through uncertainty and challenging times.

This can be an opportunity for self-reflection and to learn more about who we are and how best to approach problems.

This can relate to knowing your values, strengths and weaknesses, or what you’re preferences and personality type is. 

A practical approach to this self-knowledge is to take a personality test, and to use this information to make more empowered decisions. Visit this site to find out why taking this test is worth your time.

If you understand who you are and the tendencies you have, you can set more meaningful goals and have more awareness about how you deal with setbacks.

Relax, meditate, and heal

Sometimes slowing down and turning inward is best way to get creative insight and solutions. A great way to do this is through meditation or other holistic healing practices.

If meditation isn’t for you, yoga, qigong, crystal gazing, or reiki are other options for expanding your energy and healing. There are plenty of guides online to help you get started with crystals, or apps you can download to help when it comes to meditation.

These are just a few options that can help you clear your mind and create more positive energy.  

Be in nature

Take a moment to go outside, and find the most peaceful and natural scenery you can. Observe what you see, and use all of you senses to be present with the environment.

Take time to notice the beauty and awe that comes from being in nature. There is something serene and comforting about being in nature that triggers a higher perspective and calms our emotions.

Whether it’s the breeze on our face, the sun on our skin, the sounds of birds, or the smell of the ocean, connecting with nature can help you feel more at peace and realize that there is a greater power at hand.

Get in a new groove 

Finally, if life has got you down and you feel uninspired and dull, it’s important to shake things up a bit.

When we’re in a rut, it’s because we are continually doing the same thing, and can’t seem to break out of familiar patterns and routines. 

Sometimes simply doing something different and unfamiliar can spark a little interest or inspiration. Consider the people you could connect with or a place you can explore that forces you to stretch yourself and think differently.

Take action today. Do something different or go somewhere you haven’t been. 

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay