30 Days to Live: How will it change you?

Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.” – Alan Sachs

Imagine you were told you have 30 days to live. How would this change you? Would you begin to live life differently?  Would your overall perspective change? Assuming you wouldn’t resign living and become depressed, this news could have a positive and profound influence on how you view the time you have left. The idea of living like you’re dying can be an eye opening consideration. It would influence who you spend time with, what you spend time doing, and what you view to be truly important. It would provide a chance to see the crystal clear truth about what your life is all about. There is a book entitled One Month to Live, which explains how drastically life can change when we change our paradigm about existence, and start living a no regrets lifestyle. This means following our passions, embracing each moment, and living life to the fullest. When we have “our whole life ahead of us,” it can be tough to accept this perspective. Though, many people show that living life to fullest can be done now. Just take a look at the examples of Chris Guillebeau, Tim Ferriss, and Neil Patel. They recognize their potential and are following their passions. You may not be ready to give your life a total overhaul, but apply what you can from this concept and start living life to the fullest now. Below are few perspective changes that can come from living like your dying.

Write down 5 changes you would make if you only had one month to live

What are the things you would do differently knowing your life is cut short. Maybe you would spend more time with friends and loved ones. You might want to travel or experience places and events that before seemed too scary. You may even finally get the courage to quite your day job that causes you so much unhappiness. It can be freeing to consider the impermanence of life, and it can help in discovering your true priorities. So, what’s on your list? Is it all those important values and experiences that tend to be taken for granted, that you feel you don’t have time for and are too unrealistic? These neglected areas may be the most important things. Being focused on the future prevents us from doing what is truly valuable now. To live without regrets, you must decide what your real priorities and values are.

Uncover your Frozen Dreams

What are your dreams that got covered up from a lifestyle of security and safety? Think about the gifts and dreams you have always held inside but never released because they weren’t practical enough. These frozen dreams are your calling, and have always been there, but some rationalization prevented you from pursuing them. If you knew you had one month to live, you would probably follow your passions and step out of your comfort zone. You would have nothing to lose and could finally take the risks that before seemed like such a big leap. What would be the worst that could happen? Maybe you would fail, but at least you would’ve tried while you still had the chance.

Embrace Forgiveness and Gratitude

Knowing that you have 30 days to live might give you humility and courage to finally forgive yourself and others for all the past digressions. It could provide the means to start seeing the positive in many everyday occurrences as well. Letting go of grudges and embracing forgiveness might be one of healthiest decisions a person can make. In general, the only person hurt and impacted by holding onto bitterness and resentment is you. The person you’re resentful towards in probably on a beach somewhere totally unaware of how you feel. Embrace forgiveness for your own well-being. Once you accept that your time here is limited, it becomes much easier to look at the glass half full and realize how lucky you are to simply have a chance to experience life. If you had one month to live would you start to forgive and be more grateful for the little things life has to offer? Can you start now?

Live one Day at a time

Many people rush around feeling confined by their routine and deadlines. If you knew you didn’t have many years ahead of you, your perspective on time would really change. You might start to cherish each moment and develop patience and serenity. You could embrace the present, and appreciate the small joys that each day offers. It wouldn’t be worth it to feel rushed and overwhelmed. This can be tough to do when the future seems so broad, but when it comes down to it; you never know when your time will come. We look toward the future in anticipation of achieving our aspirations for success, and forget to enjoy the little things in life. It’s time to stop rushing through life. Just because many experiences don’t directly help you to reach your goals, doesn’t mean they’re impeding your progress. It’s an important part of the journey to where you’re supposed to be. Appreciate each moment for what it offers and teaches you.

Life’s too short

Having any sort of loss in life can make you contemplate your own mortality, and realize that you could be gone any moment. We really don’t know what might happen. This can be scary and may sound a little morose, but it can also be freeing and eye-opening. It can provide a perspective for how we really want to live. Do you want your last memories to be fraught with anger, resentment, and discontent, or do you want to experience each moment with an appreciative and compassionate outlook? Life’s to short to live without purpose and meaning. If you have dreams to pursue, relationships to mend, and experiences to fulfill, why not go for it? You won’t always have the chance.

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