How to Uproot Negative Beliefs and Sow the Seeds of Happiness and Success


Our beliefs were instilled at a very young age, and many of these beliefs are toxic and false. Our beliefs have been established from our past experiences and interactions with family, friends, teachers, church, the media, and culture. Fortunately we recognize the beliefs that hinder us and begin to shift our thinking and expectations to develop beliefs that serve our happiness and success. Our mind is like a garden and we can plant what we see fit. By tending to the thoughts and ideas that we want to grow we can develop new inspiring beliefs. Negative beliefs can be like weeds, but once you have planted enough flowers and cared for them, the weeds will cease to have the same negative impact. You may not believe all of the positive thinking initially, but the more you fill your brain with positive ideas the more you will start to believe them, especially if you see results.

Episode#8 – How to Uproot Negative Beliefs and Sow the Seeds of Happiness and Success

Today’s show is about repositioning our beliefs and transforming our view of what is possible. You will learn how to change your thinking and perceptions in order to live with greater confidence and happiness.


Our beliefs may be deep rooted so it can be an arduous and dedicated process to transform the way we think. If you don’t nourish the new beliefs they will die off. Make a consistent effort to utilize these strategies until the new thoughts feel more natural and become your default way of thinking.

Highlights of the episode include:

  • Identifying false and toxic beliefs
  • Five strategies to change your unwanted beliefs
  • Strategy 1 – How to nurture an attitude of gratitude
  • Strategy 2 – The importance of visualizing desired success
  • Strategy 3 – What a personal life script is
  • Strategy 4 – Tips for creating daily affirmations
  • Strategy 5 – Nurturing a sense of humor
  • Developing a plan for improving your thinking

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