How to Neutralize Stress Using Breath Work



I’m very excited to present the first episode of the Shake Off the Grind podcast! In this episode I discuss a topic from my previous post, Feeling Tense? How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Breath Work. This podcast will provide breathing techniques to help you prevent stress exhaustion and help you to be a peak performing during moments of anxiety. You’ll learn how the breath is a major factor in our emotional well-being and how it can serve as an indicator and technique to manage excessive stress and anxiety. As we become emotionally distressed, our breath changes by becoming more shallow, rapid, and irregular. We can begin to use our breath as a signal that it’s time to relax and calm our body and mind, and to neutralize the stress response by consciously altering our breath. You’ll also learn three techniques for more effective breathing, and I’ll walk you through a guided breathing technique to help induce relaxation. I hope you enjoy the podcast!