How to Boost Your Positive Emotions

Well I finally got a new microphone to continue with the Shake off the Grind Radio Show! My goal is to provide a new episode every two weeks, so stay tuned! Please send me your feedback about the show, whether you find it valuable or if there is other content you would prefer to hear about.


Episode#3 -How to Boost Your Positive Emotions

Today’s show is about how to experience more positive emotions and enhance your well-being. Regulating emotions is a daily process. It’s a ongoing struggle for me to stay positive and keep my attention on uplifting and empowering ideas. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I run into numerous situations that can push my buttons and test my ability to stay composed. Even though managing negative emotions such as anger, stress, and anxiety is crucial for our well-being, it’s also highly beneficial to marshal positive emotions during difficult times to help us cope, and so we can foster motivation or connect with others in a healthy manner.

Highlights of the episode includes:

  • How to prolong and increase positive emotions
  • The adaptive value of positive emotions
  • Why you should share good news with others
  • How to savor positive emotions
  • How to use a gratitude list to dwell on the positives
  • The importance of making meaning and finding value

I hope you enjoy the podcast! 

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