8 Practices to Make Every Day a Remarkable Success

Life is about progress not perfection. I believe this is one of the most important reminders we can give ourselves as we work on changing our life. The ongoing process of personal transformation can be very frustrating. Think about what really keeps you stuck. Is it because you don’t have what it takes and you’re just not meant to have the life you desire? Of course not! What keeps us stuck is the loss of motivation, the discouragement and disappointment of failure, and the choices we do or do not make each day. The life we desire can seem so far out of reach that it feels like we’ll never get there. That’s the real inner-conflict we struggle with. But if we remember to focus on just one day at a time, we can avoid feeling overwhelmed. Do your best each and every day. Bring your full effort in everything you do, no matter how small, and you will soon find that you are making more headway. All we have is today. Yes we must plan out our goals and have a vision, but taking action today is the most important opportunity we have at the time. So, here are eight practices to help you make the most out of each and every day!

1. Do more of what you “want” to do

When we do what we want to we are naturally motivated, energized, and enthusiastic. Many people assume that doing what they want is somehow irresponsible. When I refer to doing what you want I am not advocating for unhealthy behavior. I’m referring to the more values based and meaningful activities we can engage in. When we begin bringing more of what we “want” into our life we will find it transforms our attitude and nourishes our soul.

2. Stop living like a victim

Victims are victims of circumstance who navigate their days based on what happens “to” them. Owners on the other hand, take responsibility for their spirit and energy and have a sense of self-control. Approach each day as an “owner” and take part in co-creating the life you deserve and desire. Ask yourself, “How can I use this experience?” “What can get out of today?”

3. Take action despite how you feel

People who base their daily choices on how they feel will end up doing much less. Think about how often you don’t feel like doing something. There will days that we don’t feel as motivated, so learning to take action despite this will make each day more effective and efficient.

4. Learn something new and use it

If we’re not careful we can become the prey of information overload. All of the messages and knowledge we are presented with on a daily basis can get overwhelming if we don’t have a mental filter. Instead of taking in idle information, decide what information you need and how you can use it for personal transformation. Figure out how you can begin applying knowledge in your life.

5. Focus on your purpose

It’s easy to start the day off based on how we feel. We can go through our day at the mercy of our feelings, trudging through life with a sad sob story about who we are and circumstances we’re in. Instead of living from our limited personality we can live from purpose. We can be inspired and have passion for what life has to offer. We all have purpose. When you connect with purpose you will be energized and inspired.

6. Serve everyone you meet 

Instead of worry what people think about you or what they can do for you, consider how you can help them. How can you serve them in that moment? When we bring our best to others we get more in return. What a success each day would be if we commit to improving someone else’s life.

7. Make important decisions

Sometimes we don’t feel like we know what decision to make, so we get stuck and don’t do anything. Realize that you will have to make many choices each day. Instead of waiting for perfect circumstances simply decide what to do and do it. Doing nothing is also a choice. Something is better than nothing, so don’t be afraid of making the wrong decision.

8. Challenge yourself

Do something to grow and develop each day. This may be something related to physical health, emotional well-being, or intellectual growth. We have an opportunity to expand and grow each day, so set some goals for yourself that you will challenge yourself in different life domains. This is how we can cultivate our potential. Life is full of choices, and we have a choice how we live each day. Make each day a success by living with intention, purpose, and a desire for growth.