How to Drop Fear and Reach for Your Potential

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

Can you hear it ringing?

It’s the sound of your calling trying to get through to you.

It won’t stop ringing until you answer it.

The divine mother will keep grabbing you by the ear until you listen up.

The loving universe isn’t going to let you off the hook.

You’re meant for more – meant to be a part of something greater than yourself.

The world needs you to follow your calling and be the best-version-of-you.

It’s time to use your gifts, talents, and unique life experiences to make a difference.

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” – John F. Kennedy

Stop holding back!

I know that courageous action is easier said than done.

It’s scary to put ourselves out there – to face rejection, uncertainty, and failure.

This is totally normal. When we take a chance we’ll step closer to the edge of what we believe is possible.

Don’t listen to the fear.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― William G.T. Shedd

The world today and future generations need you to step up and use your gifts.

You have something to offer that no one else can. You think, create, and solve problems in your own way; you make people feel happy and joyful in your own way.

It’s time to be a dream chaser because the dreamers change the world!

The world needs dreamers and people to encourage others to think big. Success is no longer about trying to be like someone else.

It’s about being the best-version-of-you!

Let’s get started!

Who do you need to become?

The “YOU” today is different from the “YOU” ten years ago.

Our identity changes throughout life. We are always in a stage of becoming and because of this we can play an active role in our own evolution.

To evolve however, our old script and story about not being enough, not being capable, or not being ready, will need to be rewritten.

We can’t bring in the new if we’re still clinging to the old.

Starting today, reconstruct the personal foundation of who you are. Focus on who you need to “become,” not just what you need to “do.”

Do you need to become more courageous, more compassionate, or more confident? Do you need to be more self-accepting and more patient?

Who do you need to become to reach your vision of success?

If you’re willing to step toward the edge of your potential you can learn who you’re capable of becoming.

You can stop living from an old story of insignificance, and start living from a story of potential and destined greatness.

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” ― Parker J. Palmer

Drop unnecessary fear

Fear is a familiar mindset for many people. We fear taking a risk, we fear failing and displeasing people.

We fear of not having control and feeling vulnerable.

When we’re confronted with an opportunity to grow into our potential, we’re also confronted with the contradiction of fear and self-doubt.

Let go of this unnecessary fear. It seems like you’re protecting yourself but really there’s no danger. It’s just baggage holding you down.

It’s your ego wanting to keep the status quo in place, to remain the same because you know you can emotionally handle it.

There’s comfort in the familiar, even if the familiar is holding us back.

The point of fear is to protect us, so ask, “What is my fear trying to protect me from?”

Often it’s trying to protect us from uncomfortable emotions like embarrassment, vulnerability, shame, or remorse.

“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

If you can accept and get comfortable with unpleasant emotions you can start to be more courageous and step into your fear.

You will be willing to face the short-term discomfort for the long-term gain.

Are you ready to stop holding back?

Get clear on the person you need to become and let go of unnecessary fear.

Your potential is on the other side.

Photo credit: Emily White