6 Elements of Living with Purpose, Passion, and Potential


“LIFE: Love, Intelligence, Fun, Evolution in that order.” – Vanna Bonta

What does LIFE stand for to you?

I believe we are here to express our talent and gifts and to keep growing into the best person we can be. This is not simply for ourselves but is for the benefit of everyone. I know this sounds idealistic, but I’m sure there was a time where you felt called deep down inside your soul to do something amazing.

We all have dreams and desires, or at least we did as children, but somewhere along the way they became shrouded by thoughts of impossibility. Be aware of the interferences that prevent you from living a passionate and purposeful life. We may be full of fear and doubt, and believe we are not worthy of success and significance.

We may be surrounding ourselves with toxic people who bring us down. Name and claim whatever is holding your back from reaching for your potential today. Start your journey from where you are now and take the first step to where you want to be. You have amazing potential, but you must know what you want, be open to new possibilities, and start taking action.

Here are some tips to help you start living with more purpose, passion, and potential.

1. Be in the here in now

First and foremost, appreciate where you are today. Practice being fully engaged in whatever is happening in the moment. Mindfulness of the present moment is one of the most valuable skills for living with meaning and purpose. When we are mindfully present, we break out of autopilot and live more intentionally. We can experience the richness of each moment, and the joy in even the most mundane activities.

2. Watch your thinking

Instead of getting caught up in our thoughts we can learn to let them come and go. There are often specific pesky negative thoughts that interfere with living from our potential. Practice detaching from your thoughts. Recognize that you are not your thoughts and they don’t have to consume you. Write your pesky thoughts on note cards and lay them a few feet away from you where you can still see them. This will give you some distance. Now decide what you want to do with them. When they pop into your mind you can let them go more easily.

3. Accept and be open to what is

Instead of taking an approach of resisting and fighting against what we don’t like, we can take a more open and non-judgmental stance. Even if you don’t like something you can learn to accept it, and in doing so gain space and clarity to deal with it. Accept that you will run into obstacles. Openness can also allow you to let go and provide an empowering state of being wherein you move past struggles.

4. Know what matters

Deep down inside you know what is most important to you. When you look at the big picture, what do you stand for? Why do you believe you are here on earth? Connecting with your values is crucial for living a purposeful life. When we know what is most important, decision making becomes easy and we gain clear direction. Make a list of what is most important to you. Are you living life in support of these areas? Begin taking action based on your values.

5. Always keep dreaming

When you we’re a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? We all have had dreams but along the way life knocks us down and we stop dreaming. A good friend of mine shared with me that, “most people die at 25, but they’re just not buried until 75.” Allow yourself to dream big dreams. What do you want your life to be like 5 years from now? Visualize your ideal health, career, financial situation, and relationships.

6. Do what it takes

Taking committed action is required to bring all of these factors together. If we know where we want to go but we don’t take the first step we remain stuck. Doing what it takes means persevering through the ups and downs and setting clear goals that we can achieve. You may also want to develop a supportive network to help you along the way. Surround yourself with other people who can help mold your potential.

As you begin to apply the ideas mentioned above stay aware of the interferences that might hold you back. Note what has stifled you in the past and start to change it. Do something today to fully express your gifts, and stay courageous as you become the best person you can be.