5 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty and Doubt

Editors note: This is a guest post written by M.Farouk Radwan, the founder of http://www.2knowmyself.com There is saying that nothing is permanent except change. When it comes down to it, life is ever changing and full of uncertainties. This presents problems for control freaks or people who want to have full control over everything that is going on in their lives. When we can’t embrace change and uncertainty is usually leads to hard times and feelings of doubt and worry. How do you handle situations that have an unpredictable outcome? Even simple things that we do each and every day offer uncertainty at times. These may be easier to deal with than those major life events, but not matter the level of change, uncertainty is simply a part of life. We all know that if you water a seed you will soon see it blossom and grow, but how many days will it take? Can you keep faith as you wait for it to grow, or will you give up before you see results? There are no rules for how long our goals will take!! For one person it might take 4 days, for another person it might take 4 weeks, while for a third person it might take months. All of the life events we deal with have uncertain outcomes and that’s why there are no fixed rules that you can depend upon to feel in control of your life. Based on this fact it makes a lot of sense to learn how to deal with uncertainty so that you make your life much easier and more bearable.

Here are some ways that can help you deal with uncertainty:

1)      Patience

People who chronically worry usually do so about things that will never happen. These people notice a certain variable then start worrying about it without waiting for all the other variables to show up. Patience in such a case is the cure. You need to learn how to be patient until the situation becomes clearer and until all variables come into the scene.

2)      Ignoring the problem for few days

Recent research about creativity has shown that ignoring a problem for few days, then coming back to work on it later, results in finding a more creative solution for it. The research has found that staying focused on the problem without taking any breaks will force your mind into a single track that might prevent you from solving the problem. Stepping away can help you have divergent thinking and consider new options.

3)      Have written plans

It was found that writing down your plans and backup plans increases your sense of control over your life even if this control was fictional. A written plan offers direction and it makes goals more concrete and realistic, all of which enhances a sense of control. Once you have a written plan you won’t be as concerned when you face uncertainties.

4)      Do something!!

Don’t confuse this point with point number 2, when I ask you to take a break it doesn’t mean that you will take a break forever. It only means that you will take a short break then come back and DO SOMETHING. Nothing can make you feel in control more than taking action and seeing progress. If you do nothing, your worries will keep growing and your fears will keep increasing until you end up completely paralyzed.

5)      Keep in mind that life is full of uncertainties

If you always expect to be in control, you will not be prepared when you face uncertainties and unforeseen challenges. You must become aware of the fact that uncertainties are a normal part of life and every life transition and long-term goal has unexpected situations. Unless you embrace that change is inevitable you will live a tough life, full of worry and fear of the unknown.

Learn to embrace uncertainty

You will never be able to control everything in life, as life is full of uncertainties. However, you can always keep yourself prepared to face such uncertainties by planning well, taking quick actions, being flexible, and being patient. You might never be able to predict the outcome of a certain action, but you can always prepare yourself to deal with the possible obstacles or challenges that arise. Once you start embracing uncertainty and focusing on the opportunities along with the challenges, you will certainly live a better life. Photo credit: P.E.N.