Insights to Live By: An unorthodox interview with Ashleigh Brilliant

“Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules” – Ashleigh Brilliant

Words are a very powerful thing. They can either be used to harm and degrade, or to uplift spirits, warm hearts, and inspire curiosity. Ashleigh Brilliant uses words in the most eloquent and concise of ways. He is a writer, artist, musician, and all around creative genius, whom I had the pleasure of speaking with recently and learning some valuable life lessons. Though I can’t say I know him personally, he’s a man that seems to exude a freedom of spirit, kindness of heart, and a honest and frank nature. He is responsible for numerous books and paintings, and has written and illustrated 10,000 epigrams that provide humor, candor, inspiration, and wisdom for all to enjoy. He has many creative and fun products to brighten your day, so please check out his site at for more awesome stuff. Below Ashleigh shares some short and sweet insights about some very important questions. The most important thing I learned from this interview, it that there’s no reason to over complicate things. Sometimes you just have to say it like it is, and a few words can truly sum up the essence of life. Enjoy! (Note: Pot-Shots used with permission) “You write witty expressions using 17 words or less; what you call “pot-shots.” Where did the creative insight come from to turn these short sayings into a fully fledged business?”

“You strive to make each pot-shot totally unique in writing and drawing, where do you find the inspiration to continually produce these wise and witty maxims?” “When it comes to finding a career path, you were originally a college teacher, and wanted to get into writing. It seems like you really followed your passion and went for it! What was the main catalyst or turning point that helped you take the steps to create your business? Specifically, how did you have to change your perspective on your life to take this step?” “What would you recommend to others who are trying to find their place and considering following their passion, but are held back by fear?” “I imagine there were times when someone didn’t quite understand your vision. How did you deal with naysayers or negative feedback?” “What advice would you provide to help people overcome obstacles?” “Lastly, what is your favorite epigram that you have created? Or, since you have 10,000 to choose from, are their some that have special meaning to you?”

I hope this interview made you wonder, laugh, reflect, and think about life. I know I truly enjoyed it. It was one of the most unique interviews I have experienced, and I hope you all found it just as fascinating and uplifting. If you were inspired today please share this with others.