10 Tips For a More Positive Workplace

Editors note: This is a guest post from John Brook at Office Kitten. We don’t all find true fulfillment from our work. In fact, trying to stay cheerful in the workplace often seems like a losing battle. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep a smile on your face. This article will explain some of the best ways to beat the workplace blues, and to start being up-beat and positive at work.

1. Adjust Your Attitude

If you’re like most people who aren’t working from their passions, you may simply assume and expect that you are going to have a lousy day. When you wake up to the sound of the alarm clock, you groan from the thought of the day ahead of you. Even if nothing has gone wrong, you’re already certain that you will be miserable. To stay cheerful in the workplace, it’s important that we get rid of this mindset. Everything does not have to go wrong and we don’t have to be miserable! Instead of dwelling on the sorrow of going to work, try to focus on how much fun you will have when you see your co-workers, what good thing you will have for lunch, or the beautiful flowers you see on the way there.

2. Enjoy Your Co-workers

You’re going to have to spend an average of eight hours a day around co-workers, so there’s no reason not to look for the best in them. Sure, Sally’s whining about her aching back or Tom’s griping about his mother-in-law may get old, but disliking them will not make things at work any better. If you can’t enjoy your co-workers, you can at least get a chuckle at their bad attitudes and be glad it’s not you!

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Always do your best to stay up beat with everything that happens. Don’t sweat it if you get reprimanded for not doing something perfectly, if you spill your coffee on your desk, or if a coworker gives you the cold shoulder. Instead of getting stressed out, try to fix the problem and then move on. Always give 100 percent and then you will never have to feel guilty if things don’t work out perfectly.

4. Stay On Schedule and Organized

You’re not going to be able to work well if you can’t find your keyboard under the junk on your desk. So, tidy up your area and see if that doesn’t improve your attitude. Try putting up pictures or momentous occasions that will keep a smile on your face; some of these might include silly artwork your child created or a photo of your cat doing something crazy.

5. Take Time for Some Fun

Unless it disturbs your concentration, take your ipod to work and enjoy some of your favorite tunes while you stay busy. Invite a favorite coworker to share lunch with you, use your break to email friends or check your facebook, or take time to play a harmless prank. All work with no play makes for a very depressing work day!

6. Leave Stress at Home

If you’ve got stressful situations at home, then try to leave them there; devote all your time at the office to your work. When you step in the front door of your workplace, make it your goal to slam the door on all your troubles, leaving them far behind. Work can be stressful enough; if you bring all your family, relationship, and financial problems along with you, the office can quickly become unbearable.

7. Participate in Small Acts of Kindness

There’s nothing to cheer you up quite like doing something for others. Pick out coworkers that could benefit from some extra attention and then treat them to a small act of kindness. From baking brownies to simply complementing someone, taking the time to make a coworker feel good about them self will also leave you feeling good about yourself.

8. Enjoy Snacks

If food is allowed in your office, then take along snacks to help break up the day. Set aside certain times that you could nibble on your goodies, and then let those be something you can look forward to. Carrot sticks, raw broccoli, and string cheese are just a few foods that are fun while also being healthy and mess-free.

9. Encourage Yourself

While you may not have a pep team urging you to stay upbeat, you can work to constantly encourage yourself. Try to keep a positive attitude, even when everyone around you works to wear you down. When you wake up in the morning, make it your resolution to be more positive and cheerful than ever before; keep encouraging yourself throughout the day.

10. Create Goals

While you shouldn’t plan to move mountains, you can create small, do-able goals for the day, week, or month. When you meet your goals, give yourself a pat on the back and do something special like picking up pizza on the way home. By improving your attitude at work, you will find that your entire outlook on life will improve. So, say goodbye to dreaded Mondays, put on a smile, and start enjoying the workplace. John Brook has recently joined the team at Office Kitten, where he whiles away his time writing office furniture articles and reviews. Photo credit: egor.gribanov