I’m so grateful you made it to You Have a Calling, because you have a CALLING!

Yes, that’s right. This is site is dedicated to helping you uncover your life’s calling.

But, what does that mean?

It means uncovering your life’s work and following a mission you’re passionate about.

It’s about following your dreams and making an impact in the world by contributing your gifts and talents.

So make yourself at home, get comfortable, and let me show you around.

First, let me briefly introduce myself.

I’m Joseph Wilner, your resident dream chaser and founder of You Have a Calling.

A few years ago, I committed to follow my lifelong dream of being a drummer.

I was called to create this site in the process, in order to help others reach for their dreams and do work filled with soul and meaning.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about my personal story of becoming a dream chaser here.

Enough about me. Let’s get you started!

You Have A Calling has hundreds of resources and our community is made up of thousands of readers.

I know that can be overwhelming if this is your first time here!

The steps below will help you jump in and get the most out of this site right off the bat.

1 – Introduce Yourself!

First off, type up a quick comment below and introduce yourself!

We’re a community here – we want to get you know you and learn how we can help!

2 – Get Started With Free Tools

Head over to the Start Here page for free resources to help you uncover your calling and start taking action.

Don’t worry; there’s no 3-page “ebooks” here. We’re talking about videos, worksheets, and interviews with some seriously impressive Dream Chasers.

4 – Hop In The Fast Lane

Do you want to supercharge your success?

Learn about life coaching here along with how you and I can connect to create something amazing.

5 – Drop Me A Line

Contact me by email! I’d love to hear from you.

You can let me know how I can help or just say hello!

The site is here to inspire you to find your personal life mission and vision, and to live with purpose and conviction in all that you do.

Join me in following your dreams and committing to what you’re being called to do!

I encourage you to follow along and be part of our community.

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself.

After you’re finished, go get your free toolkit to help you uncover your calling.

  • Rodney Haitana

    Hi Joseph, thanks for your latest information.
    I’m quite excited and ready to learn more. Anything positive and empowering is something that is always welcome in my minds library.

    cheers from Australia

    Rodney K. Haitana

  • Hi Joseph. The site looks awesome and I am looking forward to learning and sharing more. Thank you for the friendship and inspiration, as a Mind Body Soul and Spirit Coach as well as Musician and Vocalist it helps having more in my tribe.
    With Love

    • Yes Penny! Totally agree! Thanks for your inspiration as well! Look forward to learning more about your work and music.

  • Christie

    Hi Joseph, congratulations on your achievement. I almost feel your excitement! I’m looking forward to what the site has to offer. Best wishes, Christie Horsford

    • Christie, right on! I am excited and am glad you’re a part of the community. I look forward to connecting further.

  • Hi Joe
    great look , great feel – will share around – good luck with it! –

    • Woohoo Laura! I appreciate the kind words and support. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ellen Carter

    Thanks for putting this site together. What a great way to encourage others to dare to dream, dare to follow their dreams and spur one another on towards the goal of achieving a dream. I appreciate your willingness to share your talent and your gift.

    • Ellen hello! Thank you for being a part of the community! I appreciate your enthusiasm. Let me know how I can help you on your journey of daring to dream!

  • Aminah Trahan

    How wonderful! I look forward to spending time here. All the best!

    • Hi Aminah! Glad you found us and great to meet you. I look forward to connecting further.

  • Georgia Mueller

    Great Communiversity class today! continuing on this path. I would like to work with some other likeminded folks on business building. Keep me in mind for a group.

    • Hi Georgia! Thanks for coming, It was great meeting you! I will keep you in mind and am excited to see your vision become a reality. The world needs it!

  • Edith

    Hi everyone! Excited to join you and see what I can learn and discover here. 🙂

    • Joseph Wilner

      Hi Edith, I’m so glad that you joined! Thanks for introducing yourself!