Stop Starving Your Spirit and Start Feeding Your Soul’s Hunger


“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” ― William Faulkner

Do you ever get that feeling that there is something more to life? It’s that feeling in your heart that you are meant to do something huge! That you are meant to serve more people and create something influential. This isn’t some grandiose delusion that you’re supposed to be the next Queen of England or something. It’s totally natural and is a part of all of us. It’s a feeling that is telling you, “You have a purpose to fulfill!” I really do believe this. I believe that we have a responsibility to create this purpose and to continue evolving as a person along with this purpose. The hunger in our soul is meant to deeply inspire us, to spur us into action so we can grow into our unique potential.

“I’m no more a wonder than anyone. And that’s what makes the world magical. Every baby’s a seed of wonder – that gets watered or it doesn’t.” ― Dean Koontz

Sadly, even when we get hungry for this greater purpose, we hold back. We interpret it through a lens of doubt and fear. I have done this a lot. It’s easier to stay comfortable than to be bold and courageous.

Here is what I have noticed gets in the way.

The Judge The judge is the inner-voice that criticizes us and tells we “aren’t good enough.” The judge comes from those negative core beliefs that we aren’t smart enough, attractive enough, old enough, or simply not capable for some reason or another of doing what we are being called to do. The judge is the voice that mocks us saying “You are nothing special!” “What makes you think you can do this?”

The Victim The victim is that inner-voice that tells us we aren’t in control of our destiny. Because of our circumstances or lack of resources we are stuck and can’t change things. The victim blames the world for their problems and ends up feeling trapped. The judge and victim go hand in hand. They work together and are very persuasive about why you should starve your dreams. I say screw the judge and victim. No more living someone else’s life. No more doing what you think you’re supposed to do so other people think you’re successful enough! Don’t let these negative voices derail you from the path you’re meant to follow! Instead, feel the hunger, notice it, and use the experience as an opportunity to dig deeper – to uncover your purpose and develop into your best self.

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.” ― Jim Morrison

Here are few tools to use when your soul needs to be fed.

Ask “Why?”

Be willing to ask questions and uncover what your soul is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore this feeling. Go deeper! Ask yourself, “Why am I getting this feeling? What does it mean for my life?” “What is this feeling all about? What am I so inspired about this right now?” “What would I do if I was following my heart?” What am I really meant to do?  “What would get me closer to being the person I want to be in the world?”

Make time for solitude and silence

In order to uncover our personal sense of purpose and meaning, we have to minimize the cacophony of messages we’re bombarded with every day. From emails, to long to-do lists, to the media, to people dumping their negativity on us, we can become easily distracted and completly off course. We can’t get in touch with a deeper sense of who we are if we don’t take time for contemplation and reflection. Give yourself a chance to discover your purpose. Slow down and make time for silence and stillness. (Meditation is a perfect way to do this.)

Evoke Imagination

Be willing to expand your view of what is possible. Don’t shut down any possibilities until you have really given them a chance. You deserve to be happy and live the life you desire. Don’t let your past or present circumstances limit the scope of your future vision. What is possible for your life? Be willing to expand the horizon.

Experiment with possibilities

Start to live your life more intentionally. Focus one being more optimistic and inspired about where your life is headed. Test out your purpose. The more you begin seeking your purpose and taking steps to create it, the more clarity you will gain. Experience what it’s like to live with meaning and purpose. Own it and integrate it in your life.

Get a coach

If all else fails, get a coach to help you discover your life purpose. I believe in coaching. I am a coach and have my own coach. Sometimes we can do it on our own, but others times we need a partner to help use navigate our path. You can start to live from your heart. You know what you’re supposed to do deep down inside. We all have a sense of what our purpose is, but we have to be willing to heed the call. You may find your souls hunger is hard to satiate. If that’s the case consider yourself lucky. This just means you are meant to do great things!

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” ― Brian Tracy