Rise and Grind – Inspiration to Conquer the Coming Week


Shake off the Grind will now be providing a bi-weekly post on Sundays called Rise and Grind. You can expect to find 5 recommended post from the previous week that offer inspiration, insight, and knowledge to help you have an enhanced week. These are posts that deserve special attention and particularly inspired me through the previous week. Hopefully they will provide you needed encouragement and inspiration when the week gets hectic or stressful. Read one each day to put yourself in a successful state of mind Below are links to some great blogs, wonderful people, and inspiring content. If you have already read the posts below, why not check them out again? They are certainly worth it.

Posts to help start the week off right:

Rowdy Kittens 17 Life Lessons in 32 Years

“Show your gratitude to your spouse, friends, and family members by writing a gratitude letter, calling them at unexpected times, or making that person a lovely dinner. In our busy world full of emails, tweets, and everyday work lives, it’s easy to get very wrapped up in yourself and forget about all the people who have helped improve your life along the way.” Keep Reading…

Make it Happen – Be Remarkable to be Remark-Able

“The key is to stand out! Do something different and take a stand for something that really, really matters to you, be it creating world peace or clearing the rubbish dump in your neighborhood. Go out there and make it happen. Make a difference to yourself and others.” Keep Reading…

Prolific LivingFrom Fear to Motivation in 22 Radical Thoughts

” Failure brought my values to light. Failure opened doors which always led to better success. So you see, failure has been good to me. Fear of failure on the other hand has been nothing but a waste of precious time.” Keep Reading…

Entrepreneurs Journey Why People Struggle To Get What They Want

“Finding a way to transform the task from something you hate to something you enjoy because it helps you experience a result you want (thus the emotional gratification that comes with it), is the trick. You need to restructure your conditioned response to the task, to anchor it to a desirable emotion that helps motivate you to get it done.” Keep Reading…

The Happy Seeker6 steps to contentment — your “natural wealth”

“Contentment does exist, of course. It is one of the primary characteristics of our own true nature. It is one of the greatest blessings that life has to offer. But like anything truly worthwhile, it has a price.” …Keep Reading

I offer a big thank you to the above writers for their wonderful content and inspiring blogs! Check them out, bookmark them, or subscribe to stay in touch! Have a magnificent week!