Rise and Grind 5: Inspiration to Conquer the Coming Week

Here are the 5 recommended posts from the previous week that offer inspiration, insight, and knowledge to help you have an enhanced week to come. These are posts that deserve special attention and specifically inspired me through the previous week. Hopefully they will provide you needed encouragement and inspiration when the week gets hectic or stressful. Read one each day to put yourself in a successful state of mind Below are the links to some great blogs, wonderful people, and inspiring content. If you have already read the posts below, why not check them out again? They are certainly worth it.

Posts to help you conquer the coming week:

Zen HabitsThe Spiral of Successful Habits

“Pick one. Any one. I’d suggest an easy one. The important thing isn’t that you choose the right habit but that you start…Picking one habit allows you to succeed and build on that success. That’s more important than you might think if you haven’t done that before.”

PluginID – Whatever Happened to Having Fun?

“When’s the last time you let go, and just had fun? Fun is the thing we are all seeking in the moment – the ability to feel carefree and truly enjoy doing something – and, yet, as we’ve turned life into a mechanized set of actions your average robot can perform, we’ve started to lose it in every part of our lives.”

The Positivity BlogSix Fundamentals of an Optimistic Life

“And in this article I’ll share six fundamentals that have been essential for me to make that mental change.These are things that actually work in real life to change how you view things. However, just knowing these things won’t change your thinking. You have to practice them and fail from time to time and then get back up again and keep using them until they become new habits of thinking.

Raptitude How to Make Trillions of Dollars

“You can make millions by selling a great product to people who need it, but you make billions and trillions by conditioning an entire nation of people to react to every inconvenience, every whim, and every passing desire or fear by buying something.”

PsyBlog Success! Why Expectations Beat Fantasies

“If we can picture our future success then this will help motivate us.“Loosely speaking there is some truth to this: positive thinking about the future is broadly beneficial. But psychologists have found that visualization and fantasy can be tricky customers and research carried out by Oettingen and Mayer (2002) shows why.”