Rise and Grind 2: Inspiration to Conquer the Coming Week

Here are the 5 recommended post from the previous week that offer inspiration, insight, and knowledge to help you have an enhanced week to come.

These are posts that deserve special attention and specifically inspired me through the previous week. Hopefully they will provide you needed encouragement and inspiration when the week gets hectic or stressful. Read one each day to put yourself in a successful state of mind Below are the links to some great blogs, wonderful people, and inspiring content. If you have already read the posts below, why not check them out again? They are certainly worth it.

Posts to help start the week off right:

The Bridge Maker Seven Powerful Ways to Reignite the Fire Inside

“To find your heart’s true desire is a simple process. Make a list of the things you want to be or want to accomplish. Pour your heart and soul into this list. When you are finished, the one that jumps off the page and makes you cry is your passion. Follow this one, honor it and never give up on it. Keep listening to your heart and allow your passion to take you wherever it wants to go.”

Mars DorianDIY Marketing For The Lost But Ambitious

“Seth Godin said you shouldn’t think outside the box, but think at the edges of the box. IMO, that’s so true. So, instead of finding that genius-revolutionary idea that will turn you into an overnight millionaire (getting shot by an alien space ship is more likely ) think about a service, idea or product and find a way to STRETCH it.”

Ridiculously Extraordinary Everything Matters

“Well, everything! Everything truly matters. Everything you’ve done, seen, touched, and experienced has shaped who you are. Everything you’re currently experiencing is shaping who you will be…. It matters because it shapes you. Something doesn’t have to be important for it to shape you.”

Brite TalkHow to Skyrocket your Happiness Barometer with Tiny Actions

“Our lives are full of small miracles that often go unnoticed. Look for the small blessings in your life (some may call it “coincidence”) and appreciate them. Someone may offer you a ride exactly when you need one. You may find a dollar bill when you’re a little short of money to buy your coffee. A friend calls on the precise day that you’re in need. These are all examples of blessings that we encounter throughout our day but that we repeatedly fail to detect and appreciate.”

Zen Habitsachieving, without goals

“That’s the thing: even with goals, some people aren’t going to achieve anything, because they haven’t figured out how to motivate themselves. Goals don’t do that for you — they just make you feel guilty that you haven’t gotten them done. And even without goals, people who are motivated are people who will get excited and do stuff. They’ll accomplish something great, no matter what.”

I offer a big thank you to the above writers for their wonderful content and inspiring blogs! Check them out, bookmark them, or subscribe to stay in touch! Have a magnificent week!

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