7 Daily Gifts of Joy and Fulfillment

Life is full of gifts we don’t always completely notice. We can get bogged down and only focus on the minutia and hassles of daily living. Learning to approach the day with an open mind and having an eye for opportunity can help us recognize these daily gifts and find the fulfillment that comes along when we embrace them. Starting to notice the little things can really add a positive spark to the day. Each and every day offers a chance to fully experience life and find inspiration and excitement. When we have high energy and are full of positivity we can cherish the little things we have been overlooking, and overcome thoughts and feelings that would otherwise steal our joy.


Work is a true gift and is one of the most noble and valuable aspects of life. The sense of accomplishment and perseverance that comes from work is a powerful source of pride, victory, and growth. One of the best ways to feel a sense of purpose is through achieving our goals and using our natural skills and strengths effectively. Don’t overlook the value of a day’s hard work, and take advantage of the opportunity to accomplish something you’re proud of.


Our relationships are often a foundation of the decisions we make and beliefs we hold, and though it may seem like common sense that our relationships are important, we can easily disregard how influential they are. Our relationship and interaction can change us for better or for worse. Don’t forget to accentuate the positive impact your relationships have. Seek more moments of joy and amusement where your relationships can grow and flourish. Bond and build positive memories together. Our family and friends are there for us through thick and thin, and can add great joy to our life when we invite them in.


One way that I experience greater well-being and satisfaction is by learning and expanding my knowledge. We are able to learn something new every day and from every encounter we have. Whether it’s uncovering a new perspective and seeing things a different way, or gaining wisdom about how to live life and be happy, growing from knowledge and seeking to apply it offers true meaning. Stay focused on finding value and the lessons that can be learned from what you experience today.

Giving back

Every day we have a chance to lend a hand and improve the life of someone else. When we are able to offer joy and happiness to others, it gives us a sense of meaning and contribution. Feeling like I make a difference in the world is very important to me, and this can be done in simple ways every day. Think of ways to improve someone else’s day, or how you could alleviate their struggles. How can you offer comfort or simply do a kind act to help someone out?


We are made to be in touch with our creative nature. When we open our mind to look at life in an innovative manner we will see so many more opportunities. It is also an amazing outlet to live life more fully and begin using our potential. It’s easy to hold back and not let our creativity shine. I write music and have recently recorded an EP which was an amazing creative outlet. This is also why I love to write, create programs, and coach people to find more satisfaction. These all offer new creative challenges.

New experiences

There was a time when I didn’t like change and was afraid to try new things. We all have routines, habits, and patterns we fall prey to. However, at the same time we probably have opportunities to try something new but decide to stick with what we know. Seeking growth and expansion helps us experience the full range of life and leads us build character and individuality. Go out and seek adventure whenever you can.


Beauty comes in all forms, shapes, colors, and sizes. The trick is to look for it. Whether we admire artistic creations, or simply the fabric of nature, learning to see the beauty in what is mundane is a powerful source of positive energy. We can get so caught up in “have to’s” and “what if’s” we forget how magnificent and inspiring the world around us is. Start your day by appreciating the little things and be open to what may come. Things may not go as planned or you may be expecting the same old dull, monotonous thing. But there may be one interaction, one person you meet, or one experience that makes your day and changes you for the better. Photo credit: Www.CourtneyCarmody.com