10 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

No matter what the occasion, music is a tie that binds us. Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect on those songs that fill us with love and nostalgic memories. Do you and your partner have a special song? What song has always given you that loving feeling? I’ll start with mine. A song that comes to mind for me is, “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys were the first concert I went to as a child and I think that song offers a great message of how special people have a huge influence on our life. There are those people that make our lives better and we can’t imagine life without them.

Here is a wonderful list of love songs from ten other bloggers that you can add to your Valentine’s Day playlist this year. Jeff Nickles – My Super Charged Life

My favorite “love song” is Better Together by Jack Johnson.  I think knowing that you are “Better Together” is the essence of a lasting love.  Every relationship has its issues.  But, if you long for the other person, if they are your best friend, if your life just wouldn’t be the same without them, then that’s a real love.  One that will stand the test of time.  True love is knowing that you are better together.

Justin Mazza – Mazzastick

I am choosing Don’t Dream it’s Over by Crowded House. I am a huge fan of music from the 80’s and this song is one of my favorites. This song really “sang” to me when it was featured in the Stephen King movie: The Stand.

Brendan Baker – Start of Happiness

This is actually a really hard question to answer. Why? Because there are just so many awesome love songs to choose from!    I want to make special mention of ‘Feel’ by Robbie Williams and ‘With or Without You’ by U2 as two songs that always give me chills, but it is the timeless classic of ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers that would have to take the cake.   The added bonus is that I can play this (although poorly) on my guitar. My poor singing still seems to be romantic enough for my girlfriend 🙂

Angela Artemis – Powered by Intuition

My favorite love song of all time is: “I Will Always Love You” – as sung by Whitney Houston.

It brings back memories of being in love with my then beau. I believe one of the reasons I loved the song so much had to do with the movie Houston starred in featuring it, “The Body Guard.” The film was so romantic when she was “saved” by the handsome body guard so, it has always been a song I love and associate with romance.

Alex Blackwell – The BridgeMaker
“Almost Paradise,” performed by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson, was released in the summer of 1984 – the same summer I met Mary Beth. The song brings back memories of a time that was full of excitement and love. Now 29 years later, my wife and still consider the song our anthem song.

Vidya Sury – VidyaSury.com
One of my all-time favorite love songs is “Tere mere sapne” from the revolutionary 1965 movie “Guide”, sung by the legendary Mohd.Rafi, starring my favorite actors, Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman.

This song is very special to me because after Sury asked me to marry him on my birthday in 1996, he sent me a card with the lyrics of this song. Unaware, I sent him a card too, with the same song. We were amazed when we received each other’s cards on the same day and I knew life was going to be great, no matter what. And it is. 

The Hindi lyrics are very beautiful – here is a rough translation for you.
Your dreams and mine
Are now of the same hue
Wherever the paths may lead
We’re together.

My heart and yours were destined to meet
Just as the flowers are destined to bloom when spring arrives
Oh my soulmate

Your sorrows are mine
My joys are yours
Your two eyes are my sun and moon 

No matter what obstacles the world presents
We will never drift apart
Once your hand is in mine
It is forever

Jodi Chapman – Soul Speak
My husband and I chose When You Know by Shawn Colvin as our wedding song because it’s exactly how we felt about each other from the moment we met (and still today – 11 years later). There are just certain things you can’t explain, and love is one of them. When you know, you just know. And thankfully, we do.

Cathy Hull Taughinbaugh – Treatment Talk
 I would choose At Last by Etta James. My husband and I danced to the song at our wedding. We met later in life, so At Last will always have a special meaning for us.

Tess Marshall – The Bold Life
“Have I Told You Lately?” by Rod stewart. It’s so romantic and after being married to the same awesome man for 41 years (since I was 17) I still can’t say I Love You enough.

Sandi Faviell Amorim – Deva Coaching
Oh my gosh, remembering our first date. My husband showed up with flowers and a CD he’d burned for me, full of songs he thought I’d love. Pretty cocky after only a few emails and phone calls, but somehow he nailed it and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson became ‘our song’. It’s not a typical love song, but I love the invitation to slow down, stay in bed and make pancakes together.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful songs! Thank you to all the bloggers for their contributions.
What’s your favorite love song? Share your suggestions below!