Tips for Building Self-esteem and Confidence During Times of Adversity

When mistakes and failure occur it’s easy to get side-tracked by fear and worry, and start making decisions based on these limiting emotions. For many people, their self-worth is tied up in their accomplishments and behavior, and when things aren’t going well people slip into self-doubt and fear. How do you respond when you’re in a funk or run into a slump? It can be tough to remain motivated and stay focus on the best vision of ourselves when we don’t see success occurring. Despite this tendency we are all worthy of happiness and have the potential for healthy self-esteem. Psychology classes at online universities should also be able to teach you the eight characteristics of a healthy self-esteem.

Episode#5 – Tips for Building Self-esteem and Confidence During Times of Adversity

Today’s show is about how to remain confident and focused during setbacks and adversity.

Dealing with failure isn’t easy. Whether its fear of failure keeping you stuck, or simply giving up when faced with obstacles, it can be difficult to stay encouraged. This is one of the major factors that lead people to give up their dreams. Next time you’re in a funk, hopefully this episode with help you step up to “B.A.T.” in the face of the adversity.

Highlights of the episode includes:

  • Why it’s so difficult to break out of a funk
  • How to use success as a route to self-esteem
  • Using the acronym B.A.T. to regain confidence and self-esteem
  • B.A.T. = Blessings, Accomplishments, and Talents or Positive Traits
  • Bouncing back from failure

I hope you enjoy the podcast!  Download the podcast here!