The What and How of Practicing Mindfulness



Well I didn’t quite get this podcast episode out as soon as I expected, so I apologize for the delay. I’m still learning the process and investing in some better sound equipment, so please bear with me. Despite this I figured I would go ahead and provide this episode in the meantime. In coming months you can expect episodes focusing on topics such as meditation, mindfulness, emotional wellness, and personal achievement. Please send any suggestions you have for future podcast topics you would be interested in learning more about. This podcast provides an overview of mindfulness and includes a guided mindfulness exercise to help you apply the practice. Specifically we’ll explore how mindfulness is an approach to experiencing life moment by moment, where we are fully aware of our feelings, thoughts, and desires but without judgment and attachment to these thoughts or feelings. Being mindful allows us to manage emotional pain and discomfort by helping us stay present and not get overly involved in our judgments and point of view. By learning to tune into sensations in the body and focus on our breathing we can bring mindfulness into our everyday life. I hope you enjoy the podcast!