Episode #9 – Strategies to Eliminate Stress and Avoid Burnout


Stress is one of the top causes of physical and mental illness. People experience stress from many sources, whether it be money, work, relationships, or personal health. If we’re not aware of our stress levels it can catch up to us and leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. If you have ever had one of those days where it was difficult to get out of bed and you just felt emotionally and mentally checked out you may have been experiencing some burnout. When we start to notice emotional and physical changes it’s important to manage our stress. This process involves learning the body’s reaction to stress and utilizing healthy coping skills to provide relief and manage the stress symptoms before exhaustion sets in. This requires a proactive approach of managing stress on a daily basis. Today’s episode will help you do so.

Episode#9 – Strategies to Eliminate Stress and Avoid Burnout

Today’s show is about eliminating the negative stress in our lives by gaining awareness of stress symptoms and using effective coping strategies to neutralize stress before we get burnt out.

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It’s time to make intentional effort to alter your lifestyle and routine so you can be more resilient and more effective at dealing with struggles and setbacks.

Highlights of the episode include:

  • Knowing what burnout is and how to identify it.
  • A two step process to avoiding burnout.
  • How to gain greater self-awareness about your stress symptoms.
  • Four strategies to manage and cope with stress.
  • The importance of taking care of yourself physically.
  • Why seek social support?
  • The value of staying balance and lightening your load.
  • How to use the relaxation response.

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