Episode #13 – Healing, Growing, and Overcoming with Author Nicole Sachs

We all have trials and tribulations in life. We are presented with challenges, and these challenges can either tear us down or teach us lessons to help make us stronger. Nicole Sachs, a psychotherapist and author, is a someone who has grown stronger and more wise through her adversity. When Sachs was 19-years-old, she was delivered a life-changing and devastating diagnosis of a degenerative spinal condition, which every Orthopedic Surgeon told her would eventually “cripple her without major, invasive surgery.” Thankfully, with the assistance of the “natural defiance of youth,” as she calls it, Sachs was able to live long enough to see a wider picture of her pain.  The windy road of this journey led her to Dr. John Sarno, a best-selling author of several books on Mind/Body medicine at NYU in Manhattan. Sachs was opened to the possibility that self-healing might be feasible without traumatic mobility-limiting surgery and/or any other means of chronically medicating. The Meaning of Truth, Sachs’ first book, explores her own journey and the infinite number of life stories which she has lived, heard and experienced.  The result is a revolutionary theory of healing with limitless power to transform and lift any life it touches.

Episode #13 – Healing, Growing, and Overcoming with Nicole Sachs

In today’s episode Nicole shares her insight on healing, overcoming life’s obstacles, and how to let go of pain and suffering.

[audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakeoffthegrind/Nicole_Sachs_Interview.m4a]

Highlights of the episode include:

  • How to stay hopeful and uplifted through difficult experiences.
  • How to heal from emotional and physical pain.
  • The importance of not repressing thoughts and feelings.
  • Why we need to be honest with ourselves to overcome suffering.
  • Content from her book The Meaning of Truth 

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