Episode #11 – How to Channel the Genius Within You

If someone were to ask if you are gifted what would you say? Many people assume that being gifted only applies to the brainiac rocket scientist, or the Mozart’s and Leonardo DiVinci’s of the world. We don’t realize that we are all gifted in our own personal way. It’s time to throw away the old limiting view of what it means to be “gifted,” and to start relating to the creative self-expression you possess with. This episode will provide you tips and inspiration to jolt your creativity and get you dreaming again.

Episode #11 – How to Channel the Genius Within You

Today’s show is about unveiling the gifts and talents you have been keeping dormant. You are gifted and it’s time to express and share these gifts with the world.

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Highlights of the episode include:

  • Six tips for enhancing creative potential
  • Questions for connecting with your passions.
  • Ideas on doing what is meaningful.
  • Uncovering your talents and strengths.
  • Using your imagination again.
  • How to starting setting no limit goals.
  • Not being afraid to do things different and question the status quo.

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