How to Get Unstuck and Start Building Momentum

When was the last time you felt stuck? Maybe you felt stuck in a dead end job, or a toxic relationship. Maybe you felt like you had no direction in life and didn’t know what choice to make. We have all felt stuck in some area of our life, and it can feel like we’re peddling with the breaks on, going nowhere fast! Fortunately there is usually a way out of our problems. Often, feeling stuck or trapped is not due to our external circumstances as much as it is based on our own negative outlook and unhealthy habits. We can stop spinning our wheels and begin moving forward when we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Here are a few ways to begin moving forward and building momentum along the way.

8 ways to get unstuck

Let go of the past

We all have baggage we carry with us from the past. However, we don’t always realize how much it can weigh us down. It is important to let go of the emotional baggage from the past and break loose from your bondages so that you can be free to create a better future. To move forward requires that we let go and move on from past regrets, mistakes, resentments, and failures. What do you need to let go of today? What will you do with the baggage you have accumulated? Everyone has baggage, but it is what you do with it that matters.

Have self-compassion

Life happens, we make mistakes, and we take detours on the way to our destination. Accept and be compassionate with yourself if you feel stuck in a rut. Learning to care for ourselves and be patient as we break old habits isn’t easy. We have an inner critic that can be loud and bossy. But self-compassion and mercy is the key to unlock the door that is blocking the way. When we are full of guilt and shame because we have failed, it makes it even more difficult to make changes. To stop digging a deeper hole stop the self deprecation and criticism. Trust in the process of life. Accept where you are today and start making progress from there.

Broaden your vision

When confronted with a problem, our attention narrows to focus on how bad things are. Instead of letting your vision shrink when storms blow in, expand your mind, broaden your vision, and heighten your faith. In this vast world, there has to be a special place where you are needed. Focus on your purpose and inspiring vision to keep you motivated.

Learn from your stuckness

Being stuck is a blessing in disguise because it is a signal that it’s time for redirection. Every setback is a preparation for something far better. All great achievements are built on numerous rejections and failures. Look for the value and lesson learned from your mistakes or momentary setbacks. Realize that your pain is often the greatest teacher.

Change yourself to change your life

When we can’t change our situation or environment we can begin to make change within ourselves. Inner change is long lasting and permanent. Inner change is empowering and gives us a sense of control to take the wheel of life and steer. Your life circumstances do not have to be affected by the person who is elected, the economy, your boss, or where you live. When a storm blows in, it doesn’t have to throw you off course if you are the one steering the ship.

Keep your eyes on the ball and goal at the same time

Being able to deal with our problem while still acknowledging the big picture is helpful to stay uplifted and empowered. It is easier for some people to look at the small details while others focus on the bigger picture. Don’t get lost in the details and forget your inspiring long-term aspirations, but at the same time, don’t get lost in thinking big and neglect your daily responsibilities. Stay inspired by visualizing the life you want, and do what you can today to make progress.

Appreciate and accept the good and the bad times

We will have ups and downs. It’s just a fact of life. So, be willing to celebrate your success and acknowledge your progress. You have had success in your life so appreciate how far you have come. Similarly, don’t dwell on your problems. This just starts a downward spiral of discouragement and frustration. Don’t ignore problems, but take them for what they are worth and get your mind and body back on track.

Clarify your values and purpose for life

Discovering your life purpose or seeking God’s will is an ongoing process, so be willing to check in with yourself once in awhile and clarify what is most important in your life. What are your top core values and are you living your life accordingly? All the setbacks and experiences of stuckness can be regarded as being part of the process to learn about the person you are and the life you want to live. There will always be those moments when we have to shake off a negative attitude and take small steps to start building momentum. Remember that you are responsible for your life and future. There are always things that can be done to break out of a rut.