10 Key Truths to Living a Thriving Life

Thinking back on the struggles of my adolescent years and early adulthood, it makes me realize I have really made some stupid mistakes in my life. Fortunately, I was able to learn and grow from these trials and tribulations, and wouldn’t be the person I am today without experiencing them. Along with these stupid mistakes came a strong yearning to want something better, and the desire to seek truth about how to achieve this. I believe one of the most valuable aspects of growth that can occur from life experience is the development of wisdom. Wisdom is a form of insight and awareness that helps us understand people and situations better. It helps us make decisions and steers us toward seeking truth and integrity. If you’re anything like me, you probably are a seeker of truth. We may all have our own understanding and beliefs about what is true and right, and there are many philosophies and principles about how we can reach success and our potential. Though I believe there are certain truths that can stand alone and offer a chance to thrive and live a highly effective life. Here are a few ideas, from many different sources, that I have come to believe and apply in my life.

1. Within every challenge is an opportunity

The natural progression of life includes changes and transitions. Particularly as we move toward our goals we will see challenges awaiting us. Though, within these challenges are always opportunities and the chance to become better, stronger, and wiser. Don’t overlook the opportunities that come with change.

2. No matter what happens, there is a solution

If you think of all the dilemmas and problematic circumstances history has presented to the human race, it’s amazing that we have persevered. This is because there is always a solution if we don’t give up and continue to believe in our capacity for creation. There are always many more options than may seem apparent. Think outside the box and stay resilient.

3. You have control over how your life will unfold

We play an active role in our development and the course our life takes. We can’t control everything and by no means should try, however, we must be more than a passive bystander taking what is given to us and never adding more. We are more than a product of our environment. Learn to be proactive and adapt to your situation as opposed to just responding to what happens. Take an assertive role and influence your environment and the people around you in a positive way.

4. When we stop growing we start dying

The natural state of being is to give greater life to all. We are all in the process of becoming greater if we can see what could be, and are not limited by what is. Focus on how you can expand and help others do the same. When we stop growing and expanding as a person we become sterile, and lose passion and desire to do what we were put here to do.

5. We are only limited by our thinking and beliefs

This may be one of the most valuable insights to start applying. Our view of ourselves, others, and world around us has a significant impact on the behavior we are going to engage in, and the decisions we are willing to make. We are only able to reach as high as we are willing to set our sights. Uncover what you want to be and know that you are able to be what you want to be.

6. Be a creator not a competitor

In a world of abundance there is always enough for everyone. You don’t need to feel hurried or concerned that your idea will be too late or that your timing isn’t right. Timing is important, but not at the expense of being destructive and knocking others down to get there. Being a competitor puts us in a position where we leave others behind. Instead, be on the creative plane where you focus on increasing life for everyone.

7. Each day can be either a success or a failure

We have a limited amount of time each day to use to the best of our ability. Do everything you can each day as efficiently and effectively as you can. This is how each day can be a success. We want to have balance though we also want to be efficient and productive. Take action instead of waiting until the “perfect” moment arrives. Use today to its fullest.

8. Uncover your life desires and develop a clear vision

One of the first steps to thriving is to know what you want and cultivate a strong desire for the attainment of what you want. What fills you with enthusiasm and gives you boundless energy when you think of it? When you have discovered what you desire develop a clear picture in your mind of the end results, and work to hold this vision as much as you can in order to impress this idea upon you unconscious mind.

9. Have faith and gratitude that you are achieving your desires

Many successful figures in history, like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., seemed to have an unwavering faith and belief that their ideals would become a reality, and despite many in disagreement. Know that your desires are coming to fruition and express gratitude and appreciation for that. If you begin feeling doubtful focus on what you’re grateful for and get in this state of mind.

10. Anxiety, worry, and fear are the antithesis of thriving

If we are in a state of worry and fear we will be unable to make clear and confident decisions. Living a thriving life comes from being able to overcome financial concerns, emotional instability, and relationships anxieties. This doesn’t mean ignore problems, but means “letting go” when you can’t change something. These are normal concerns, but letting them consume us prevents any exit from this state. Your judgment will be clouded if you are always focusing on potential problems. Learn to believe in your vision and remain focused on what you want. Contentment will be a natural byproduct of this. An ounce of truth is worth much more than a pound of theory, and living life based on principles, values, and truths gives us clear direction and allows us to make difficult decisions with confidence and faith. These are just a few “truths”‘ I have adopted. So, what about you? What ideas and principles for success do you follow? What “truths” do you value and reinforce in your life? Photo credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto