Your Soul Searching Ends Here

Do you feel weighed down by uncertainty and lack of direction? If so, you haven’t connected with your purpose and mission for life. You’ll know you are following your purpose when your spirit is enlivened and your soul is full of deep emotion and connection. What gives you meaning and fills you full of life? If you haven’t connected with your passions and what nourishes your soul you will easily become bored and complaisant with life. We are all wild at heart, and wild animals are full of soul and spirit. They know what they are created for and follow their instincts. What happens when you keep an animal in a cage? They lose their spirit to live and give-up! Has this happened to you? Are you living a life closed off from your true nature? When we are stifled and restricted like this we are not living from the heart. You don’t have to tame your natural passions. Be a part of something bigger and fulfill your hearts desires. Here is how you can nourish your spirit and fill your soul.

Heal your emotional wounds

We can only move forward when we confront our pain and work through what’s holding us back. We all have wounds that keep up stuck, moving down the same old path. Without healing the pain we have suffered we get consumed by fear, resentment, shame, and guilt. Learn to acknowledge the pain and hurt that is holding you captive from greatness, and begin to check these emotions at the door. There is a road to freedom where we are no longer victim to these past hurts and can follow our vision and purpose in life.

Find congruence

We have all heard messages from an early age telling us what we can and can’t do, and these have a major impact on whether we trust and believe in ourselves. As we go through life we slowly drift away from our true-self. We lose contact with who we are meant to be and start living from a false-self that we pretend fills our soul. Can you remember a time when what you did and how you acted was free from the false image you believe had to be portrayed to others? Examine your core beliefs because these will be self-fulfilling. When you believe you’re capable and creative you will be, and when you believe life is hard and you have to struggle to get what you want, this is the way things will be. What do you believe? What do you value? Who are you meant to be?

Validate your desires

We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to be successful, whatever our definition of success may be. When we are told that wanting to be happy and having good things is selfish or unrealistic we stop searching for our passions and purpose, and we begin to settle for what others expect us to do. Find people who share your sense of purpose and who encourage you to fulfill this mission. It is okay to want good things and you deserve to be happy. Develop a vision for you future and live this out. When our desires become intentions that we live by, they start to become a reality. By having a vision and plan for your life you can take the steps to reach this point. Stay focused of what you are going to do today. Be aware of how you interact and connect with others, and how they impact you.

Do what strengthens and energizes you

We all have natural tendencies and capabilities that have unfolded in our life. Often these came about, not just from a genetic predisposition, but because we have devoted time and effort to cultivate them. When we uncover our strengths we can start living intentionally to build these. What core strengths have always driven you? Where have you seen consistent and enduring success in your life? Once you know this you can start to live everyday in a manner that incorporates these strengths. You will range of what’s possible will expand and your self-confidence and self-trust will increase.

Be courageous

In the journey to have a radiant soul, there will be moments when we are tested and our will is tried. Perseverance is necessary and we must stay dedicated to this desire if we are to succeed. Why do you think so many people give up their dreams? Because it get’s too difficult and there’s too much resistance. I believe there is a paradox that as we follow our intuition and begin following our purpose, we will be tested and tried by the forces that are threatened and fearful of our positive influence. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, or speak up for what you think is right. Be courageous in the search for your souls purpose.

Follow your intuition

Listen to your heart and follow your intuition. You know what’s best for your life deep down inside if you can find clarity through the cacophony of life. Learn to listen to your intuition and trust it though seeking moments of silence. Use meditation to discover the calm, clear, and self-assured voice of your intuition. By taking time to be still and silent you can connect with the inner-wisdom that is clouded by outside influences. When you have a problem or are unsure, make time for meditation and contemplation and the answer will come to you. Be willing to give up forcing things to happen and let answers come to you.

Soul search ends here…..

The soul will always be searching for satisfaction until we come out of hiding to confess and commit to our true nature. We aren’t meant to just go through life being nice, considerate, and passive people. We must be a little daring and adventurous as we grow into our potential. We all have the capability within us to make assured decisions and find an inspiring vision. If we can embrace our unique gifts and talents, gain self-awareness about are passions, and uncover an inspiring vision for our future, we can become empowered and connected to the source that moves us. Photo credit: notsogoodphotography