The 4 Laws of Increasing Life: A Guide to Abundance and Flouishing

Even when I have everything I “need” and am financially stable, there is an urge to have more and a sense of reluctance to give from what I have.

Frankly, this scarcity thinking worries me. I want to have a sense of giving freely and partnering with others through service and support. So, I’m committed to resolving myself from thinking meager thoughts. I’m taking a stand and making a change in my life to focus more readily on abundance, gratitude for what I have, and faith in my continual expansion. Here are 4 laws I’m abiding by in my life to have a more abundant and flourishing existence.

Law 1 – Want for others what you want for yourself.

Eliminate greed and avarice from your life to have greater access to abundant thinking. This is the golden rule of following the laws of increase. Viewing others through a competitive lens can offer motivation and desire to improve our situation, but it can also turn into a pattern of thinking based on envy and greed, which saps emotional energy and steers our focus toward scarcity. There is enough creativity and abundance in the world for everyone to experience a life of increasing wealth and prosperity. By interacting with the world from an abundant attitude, we can begin to make allies with others, and gain greater influence by revealing our intentions for mutual increase. Don’t seek power for the sake of having more control. Tyrannical power is never self-sustaining. Having long lasting influence comes from a perspective of partnering and leading by example.

Law 2 –  Always focus on how you can add value

How can we partner-up and show others we want to offer them value and expansion, as opposed to just seeking personal gain? We must show them through our actions and behavior that we have something valuable to offer. How can this be done?

    • Know the “Why” behind what you’re doing. Have a purpose and mission.
    • Know your natural strengths and talents and apply them
    • Show interest in others and offer optimism and positivity
    • Be a balcony person by showing support and enthusiasm
    • Seek first to understand other peoples’ perspectives
    • Focus on serving others and giving of yourself

Start adding value to your family, friends, and business by asking yourself, “How can I add value in this situation?”

Law 3 –  Focus on abundance, not on scarcity.

Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. This is simple wisdom that has been revolving through personal-development curriculum for a long-time. I know it’s pretty straight forward, and easy to intellectually understand, but the difficult part is instilling this thinking pattern and belief mentally and emotionally. It’s about experiencing the life you desire now. There’s a scene in The Pursuit of Happyness where the character of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, is asked by his eventual boss to loan him $5 for a cab. He says he’ll pay him back, though this is all the money Smith’s character has to provide food for his son. Despite this, Smith’s character apprehensively gives what little money he has in an effort to live the type of life he knows will come to him if he keeps faith. In essence, fake it till you make it. I know if you’re in debt or have substantial bills to pay, it can be tough to think about accumulating wealth and keep your focus on a prosperous existence. But, next time you’re in a situation where you have to shell out a troubling sum of money, focus your attention on the thoughts going through your head. What are you telling yourself? Are you having thoughts of lack and scarcity? How can you reframe your thinking to focus on what you want to have instead of what you’re giving up?

Law 4 – Have an optimistic outlook

“To think only of the best, to work only for the best, to expect only the best.” – The Optimists Creed

Optimists look at the bright side of things. They find value within setbacks, they focus on what they can do about a situation, and ultimately have faith that good things will come. All in all, this type of attitude leads to enthusiasm, strength, and resilience, which leads to success. If you tend to be a little cynical, no need to worry. An optimistic attitude can be developed. Similar to learning how to focus on what you want, and not what you don’t want, developing an optimistic attitude requires gaining awareness of your thinking and beginning to change what you focus on. Try to recognize that most problems are temporary, and good things will come in due time. Start believing the world is on your side, have faith success will come, and keep high hopes for the future. When it comes to living a life of increase, the hardest part can be to start living by these laws. We have been conditioned to by a media storm of cynical and pessimistic fear mongering. We have to start where we are now and know that abundance is coming to us. Start living great now in everything you do and eventually great things will naturally start coming to you. Please comment below! How do you keep an abundant state of mind? How can we eliminate greed and envy from our life?