Life is a Creation: Are you Sculpting a Masterpiece?

What if life was an open canvass where you were free to create a stunning vision and express yourself fully? One of the most empowering ways to view life is as a creation that we are free to mold and shape as we desire.

We all have behaviors, circumstances, and past experiences we want to surmount and would change if we could. However, we don’t have to be restricted by past mistakes or the baggage we have carried in our life. For some reason we get scared and hesitant about changing our lifestyle, or we believe we don’t deserve or couldn’t handle a more significant life. We have the capability to develop a life that makes an impression and that we’re proud of. Begin uncovering the life you want to lead today and take steps to make it a reality. Here is how to sculpt a magnificent life.

Embrace your roots

We are never completely divorced from our past. Who we are today in connected to our past experiences, however this does not mean the past has to dictate the decisions we make and the possibilities we envision for the future. Our past has simply been preparing us for the future. Our experiences have not simply been coincidental, but have offered us a chance to develop skills and learn necessary lessons.

Spend time with successful and happy people

One of the best ways to develop the life of your dreams is to understand and visualize how this life would look and feel. Being around people who are living the way we desire to live helps us mentally conceptualize how living this way would be. It helps us get a picture in our minds and can separate us from any current unglamorous reality. By being around people who have already attained the life we desire, we can receive support and guidance; learn what needs to be done, and what obstacles to prepare for.

Use affirmations every day

Affirmations can help us reposition limiting beliefs and cultivate more empowering beliefs. We must believe deep down in our heart that the life we desire is possible. Affirmations prevent our automatic negative self-talk from taking over and spoiling out potential. You can develop an affirmation for each domain of life based on what you want to work on. If you want to lose weight, make more money, or simply have more peace of mind, begin reciting an affirmation every morning and night based on this area of life. Don’t let narrow, personal expectations prevent you from being open to all the possibilities.

Continually sharpen the saw

There are continuous opportunities to grow and expand as a person. Every moment we grow and experience our greater self, we come closer to finding our meaning and realizing our potential. This might mean trying something new, never becoming complaisant, or continually seeking knowledge. Develop an attitude of interest and curiosity and always look for lessons and moments to gain greater wisdom and knowledge. Squeeze everything you can from life, and be willing to set big goals and taking action.

Connect with your spirit

Who do you know that is full of “spirit”? These are often people full of life and who express their joy and radiate energy. We all have a fire within us that is ready to be ignited. Our spirit is what gives us energy and drives us toward our dreams. Learn to connect with this spiritual dimension and you will radiate. You will be taken to new heights and pushed beyond your limits. As well, you find greater satisfaction and contentment as you will be living through inspiration and passion.

Be uniquely you and embrace your strengths

We all have unique strengths and talents that we offer the world. Don’t ever be ashamed to express, cultivate, and make something out of your unique talents. This doesn’t mean showing off or being arrogant, but it means not being ashamed of the strengths you have. Don’t worry about what other people do well or who you “wish” you were. Tune into what you do well, appreciate it, and expand it.

Become whole and healthy

The human body is truly amazing. We are born with everything we need to grow, develop, and thrive. We must be careful that the world doesn’t bring us down and overwhelm us with anxiety and stress. We are spiritual beings on a physical journey, and our body is just a vehicle to live out our life’s purpose. Are totality is not our mind or body, but is the integration of it all. Begin to cultivate this harmony of mind and body. A true masterpiece takes time and isn’t created overnight. It takes sweat, tears, and serious commitment. Becoming the person we want to be and creating a lifestyle we desire is no different. If we are willing to invest our time and energy into creating the life we desire, we will realize that what we’re capable of and the habits we hold can be molded and transformed to our liking. Start working on your masterpiece today. Photo credit: yunguyen666