10 Tips to Becoming a Better Man and Impressing Women

Editors Note: This is a guest post from Jonathan Figaro from the thedropoutkid.com. Now I’m going to be very honest. I’m do not embody the entire list of traits. As a matter of fact, I may only embody 2-3 aspects of these words from the wise. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do what I have opted not to participate in. So without further ado…Here are 10 tips to make you a better man.

1. Be a leader

Women are attracted to leaders. Being a leader means finding people with high potential and then supporting their achievements with sincerity. Even if you don’t want to be a leader, it’s still important to study it and learn how to do it. So when the situation calls, you can put it to good use. In life, when a crisis comes up people look around to see who’s going to grab the ball and lead everyone to safety. Learn how to be that guy or gal. Leaders are the shapers of this universe, start molding your own world.

2. Eradicate Bad Habits

Habits are like floods: The more H20 that runs through it, the deeper it carves a track, and over time you have something like the Niagara Falls. It’s harder to change the course of a million year old river than a 2 day tinkle. Habits are what any human being is made up of. So break old ones that have been holding you back and create new ones. I highly recommend CLICKING HERE.

3. Have aspirations

Women love men with aspirations. You don’t need to brag and be cynical with your suggestions on the life you want to live. Just be honest with yourself and others. Tell her how you want to travel the world. See different people, embrace different culture, and live 30 stories above poverty. Be enthusiastic with your dream and happiness will fill your soul with ingenuity.  If you don’t have aspirations, ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Research inside your mental Rolodex and continue to take persistent action towards this ideology. Women will respect you for going out on a limb and taking a risk.

4. Protect your territory

Be dominating! If you feel uncomfortable in a situation remove yourself from it. Don’t like something you’re not. Women will respect you for being yourself. If someone comes in your humble abode and does anything unacceptable to you, say: “Stop! I think it’s better if you leave at this very moment. I don’t like it when that kind of thing happens inside my home. Why don’t you go and we’ll pick this up later.” Make your territory yours. Own it.

5. Refuse to place women before you.

When having conversations with any female refuse to put her up on a pedestal like she is Cinderella and you’re the glass slipper. Realize she is no different to you than your own friends. When she goes home and her bowls start to move, tissue is in her left hand and febreeze is in the other.  Next time your speaking to a beautiful young women who has had men tell her she is gorgeous all the time, tell her she looks like she’s going to make you late for the movies. Stop putting a halo around their head. When you idealize women you fail to recognize the cues about how they really might be.  By doing this it can make a major difference in how fulfilling your life can be.

6. Know When you’re out of control

When you feel like you’re losing your grip on any situation. Just stop and get some space. Spend some time alone, meditate, do something that distracts you. Then come back when you’re ready. An out-of-control guy isn’t appealing to women and can’t live a fulfilling life.

7. Balance learning and doing

It’s good to be a man of consistent action. You learn from your actions. But it’s also good to read and learn so you can avoid making avoidable mistakes that will get you nowhere. Here are some books to better increase your internal and external productivity. 1. How to Win Friends and Influence People 2. Think and Grow rich 3. Losing My Virginity 4. The Magic of Thinking Big

8. Stop! You’re weak

Start working out, dominate, and develop a masculine personification. Admire those who are how you’d like to be, then become like them. Here are a few places you can go to open up a membership (these are not affiliate link). 1. Planet Fitness 2. Life Time Fitness 3. 24 Hour Fitness And this leads me to the next tip.

9. Constantly improve yourself

Improve every part of your life if you want to see massive change. The cliché is “if your overweight lose weight, or if your unhappy do something you love.” Most people aren’t ready to take big steps such as these. So, I advise you just do one thing today that will make you feel better about yourself, even if it’s shutting off the tube and writing a blog post. Be open to growth and never-ending improvement.

10. Give back

We live in a world where scarcity is the encouraged mindset, a locale where lack and luster is the way of thinking. Do the opposite. Think abundance in all aspects of your life, and reflect this beautiful, joyous, and proper state of mind in everything you do. This was a GUEST POST from… JONATHAN FIGARO is the author and brains behind thedropoutkid.com. Like what you read? Want to keep on reading? You can SUBSCRIBE to his creative work for FREE to receive updatesand/or– hit him up on Facebook. Please leave your comments below! We would love to hear from you.