Short and Sweet Insights from Rob White of Mind Adventures

Rob White is someone who truly walks the walk that he preaches on his blog. He decided what he really wanted, designed his ideal lifestyle, took a leap, and made it happen. He is a self-made multimillionaire and entrepreneur, who now inspires countless people, including myself, through his uplifting and encouraging blog Mind Adventures. Mind Adventures provides advice on how to push past self-limiting habits, and develop and cultivate a successful and bountiful mind. Mind Adventures has quickly become one of my personal favorite blogs, and is a place I get inspiration and advice on how to cultivate an abundance mentality, when I may not be feeling quite so abundant. I contacted Rob to inquire about an interview, and to gain as much wisdom as possible, admittedly out of my own selfish desire to be a multimillionaire, and he was kind enough to provide Shake off the Grind with some short and sweet insights about how to push past limits, and be a successful entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy.

What was the main catalyst that helped you to make the transition into real-estate and take the big leap to start making serious money? The main catalyst was to move out of pain and into pleasure- is that not always the main catalyst?  I no longer allow suffering to have its way – is that not always the big leap? What mental road-blocks did you have to work through to start a business? Don’t accept nervousness as necessary; is that not always the mental road-block? Let go of the foolish self of yesterday and create a new me – is that not always how we do it? How important was developing a vision of the future in your success? Developing a vision is as important as developing a wholesome self-view, which is what a vision helps us to do. You have a great unique brand and inspiring message for your blog. You also seem to have a very involved team that assists in the blogs development. How did you develop the team behind Mind Adventures? How can other bloggers put together a team and collaborate with the right people to build a success business or blog? Reality is ready to give you the teammates you need, when you are ready to accept what you intend to have be truly real for you. What’s the main lesson that you learned through your journey to financial freedom and personal success? Know .. that ideas about success are not success. You must have the courage to act above your usual ways to attain your lofty aspirations and aims. On the entrepreneurial side, what have you discovered to be the most essential characteristics to being a successful entrepreneur? Allow yourself to feel as helpless as you think you are … AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD …don’t give into the fear that insists you will fall apart. With persistence, it all comes together nicely. What one piece of advice would you give to the young and budding entrepreneurs out there who want to start their own business? You need not try to prove anything to anyone – you are trying to prove to yourself that you are a superlatively creative being with unlimited potential. Lastly, what are important bits of insight people get from your new E-book series Learn to ROAR that can help them to reach their financial goals? 1) you are more intelligent that your challenges 2) replace nervous action with quiet visions 3) listen to that voice that is deeper than your usual self-talk Rob’s insight is universally helpful and provides a glimpse into how important our state of mind is to achieve our goals and desires. Essentially, it can be contended that our mental state is of primary importance and should be our central focus in gaining wealth and finding contentment. Check out Rob’s new E-book series Learn to ROAR for more advice, and please leave your comments below about how you have followed your desires and achieved success in your life.

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