Why My Baby Nephew is More Likely to Reach his New Year’s Resolutions than You (Plus What You Can Do to Stay Committed in 2014)


“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” – Tony Robbins 

I know what you’re thinking, “This isn’t fair, of course your nephew has the advantage, he just a baby, people do everything for him. How many problems could he have?” Well first off, you’re right, he does have the advantage because he’s a badass, and life isn’t fair! But that’s beside the point. Secondly, you’re still right, because he doesn’t have problems, he doesn’t realize what problems are so isn’t blinded by them. You see, the advantage he has is the absence of doubt, and a focus on possibilities instead of limitations. He faces obstacles and challenges with wide-eyes. For him life is full of wonder, joy, and curiosity. There is nothing that’s impossible from his perspective. And the powerful thing is, we are all born into the world in just the same state. We are born mentally tough, with a persistent drive to grow and develop. A drive to go from crawling, to walking, to running, to climbing. But as life gives us a big backhanded slap to the face for our stupid decisions, we start to question whether we are capable of making it in this dark cold world. Wow that got pretty depressing. Sorry about that. Back to why my nephew kicks ass! My nephew is all about action. If he wants something he’ll do what it takes to get it. Even if it’s far beyond his reach he does what it takes to get it, such as getting my attention so I will pick him up and take him where he wants to go. He doesn’t have limiting thoughts that discourage him from taking action and building momentum. He isn’t thinking, “That’s out of reach, I can’t have it.” He doesn’t think, “That’s going to be too hard, or I not capable of that.” The difference between him and us is that he doesn’t for a second doubt that he can have it. He goes for it and takes action until he gets it. If only more people had the same outlook as a toddler, we wouldn’t have to read the countless articles focused on Reaching Your New Year’s Resolutions.”  But alas, if you’re reading this you aren’t one year old, and sadly, as a thinking self-conscious human being we doubt ourselves. As adults, we don’t naturally use our adversity and challenges to make us stronger and more equipped people. We say to ourselves, “That’s out of reach, I can’t have it.” And that’s the fatal flaw. We give up before we even get started because we don’t think it’s really possible, or we aren’t willing to put in the hard work. So, here is the point where you’ll understand why my nephew is more likely to reach his New Year’s Resolution than you are. colinphoto2

The major monumental difference is… COMMITMENT!

He is totally committed to what he wants without a doubt in his mind. What if you were committed to your current goals as much as you were committed to learning how to walk? It sounds strange I know, but the point is, you weren’t born full of doubt and insecurity. Your doubts and insecurities have been created from your failures. And all of this has been translated into “I can’t have what I want!” “Life’s too hard.” “I’m not good enough.” Or in other words, your failure has translated into a lack of commitment to really make your life better. If you’re not committed you’re not resilient. You will give-up.

Ready to learn more about getting committed?

Commitment is all about wanting something passionately, taking action to get what you want, and persisting through the struggles and difficulties.

Commitment = Passion + Action + Persistence

First and foremost, do you have all the variables in the equation? If not, which variable needs some work? Do you really want it? Are you willing to take the necessary steps? Are you willing to keep going even when you encounter set-backs?

Your New Year’s Resolution – How committed are you to a better life? 

With the New Year approaching it’s time to start assessing your level of commitment to the goals you “allegedly” want to accomplish. Put together a plan using the commitment equation.

What is your vision for 2014?

1. How can you grow your passion and desire about making this vision a reality? 2. What resources are available to you to meet those goals? What steps will you take to be certain you are in the position to reach your vision? 3. Are you prepared to deal with the challenges along the way? How will you respond to failure? If you really want something, commit to make it happen. Decide that it will happen! No more, “I’m going to try, or I plan on, or I hope things work out.” It’s time for “I’m going to make it happen!” No “if, and, or buts” about it.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” – Helen Keller