7 Steps to Make Lasting Change

Step 1: Dream

What are your big dreams and vision for your life? Capturing this image in your mind allows you to pinpoint what it is that you really want. So picture it. See yourself living out your goals. What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you feeling and acting? Allow yourself to dream big and get inspired!

Step 2: Develop a healthy lifestyle

Success is the fruit of a healthy routine and balanced life. Plan to be healthy and keep your life in order. Tend to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Evaluate where you are now with your health and well-being and where you need to be in order to live a healthy lifestyle aligned with your vision.

Step 3: Mind diet

What are you feeding your mind? Take charge of what you feed your mind on a daily basis. Keeping an optimistic and successful attitude is a driving factor for the commitment to change. This is because changing habits is difficult when we don’t keep ourselves inspired and confident. Are you thinking positive or negative thoughts? Are you thinking kind and gracious thoughts? Do you think “I can or I can’t” thoughts? Develop a list of success thoughts you can focus on. Determine what you will include in your mind diet. Think of your mind diet as the meals you have each day. What will you ingest for each meal? Remember, the loudest voice you will ever hear is your own.

Step 4: Clean out your HEART

Change from the inside-out requires a compassionate and gentle heart. Change isn’t easy, so taking a daily inventory of your heart allows you to let go of the interferences that might keep you stuck. This includes staying free from anger, un-forgiveness, resentments, and bitterness. Be committed to love yourself and others and change will occur more naturally.

Step 5: Develop healthy relationships

We are created for connections. We are meant to grow, learn, and support our loved ones. When we find ourselves in toxic and draining relationships it is important to set healthy boundaries and respect our well-being. Become aware of the relationships that encourage you to live up to your potential and make more time for these people. Develop a list of people whom share your goals and values that you want to spend more time with.

Step 6: Be committed to become the Best-Version-of-You

How badly do you want to make change? Your “whys” have to be bigger than your “buts”. There is only one YOU, and you are responsible for making yourself better. Behind the veil of fear, doubt, and self-criticism your authentic self is ready to freely share your special gifts, talents, and abilities with the world. Come to know, love, and express your thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires and commit to pushing past the excuses and obstacles that emerge.

Step 7: Make YOU a priority

The foundation of living a consistent, healthy, and productive life is YOU. Prioritize your own well-being and success. This means you must learn to love, humor, respect, and value yourself. You have nothing to give others unless you take care of yourself first. When you begin to love, respect, and cherish yourself, you will start to make healthy choices. You have the ability to make lasting change, but you must truly want it and be committed to the process of. Begin treating yourself like the person you deserve to be. You are created to live out your potential. Make choices aligned with your values and surround yourself with supportive people.