9 Keys to a More Fulfilling and Satisfying Life

“Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don’t.” – Melody Beattie

Are you satisfied with your life?

Life-satisfaction is the overall assessment of how pleased or content we are with our life.

We go through different seasons where we are more fulfilled and satisfied than other times.

Sometimes life is wonderful. We’re satisfied with the situations, people, and roles we fill. Other times we can’t seem to take our focus off of the negative or the things we wish were different.

When we experience frustration, disappointment, rejection, loss, and failure it can feel like a gut punch to our outlook on life.

When things aren’t going how we would like there are ways to turn them around and feel better.

Here are nine suggestions to find more fulfillment and satisfaction with your life circumstances.

1. Shine a spotlight on the good

Sometimes one bad thing can cloud the good. Stop giving the bad things the stage and focus on what is good. Be selective with your attention and name at least three good things that happened to you today.

2. Chase your fears

Trying new things can be scary but it can also be enlivening. Trying new things can help us learn about ourselves and can introduce us to exciting people, places, and things. Don’t let your imagination psyche you out of living life more fully. Be confident and brave and explore the vast world around you despite your fears.

3. Cut problems into pieces

There is a saying that goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” The key to making this saying meaningful is in the application.  When things seem overwhelming it really takes a toll on our well-being. Consider how you can break big tasks into smaller more manageable pieces.

4. Forgive to feel better

Many people hold on to resentment and bitterness. They don’t believe others deserved to be forgiven or feel that it is weak to forgive. Unfortunately, when we refuse to forgive we hold onto heavy baggage. In order to find more satisfaction, practice empathy and put yourself in the other persons shoes whom you need to forgive. Write a goodbye letter to the bitterness you’re holding onto.

5. Practice patience

When we have to wait for what we want it can feel discouraging. Work on self-control and delaying gratification. Learn to be patient with your desires and stay faithful. When we can remain patient during life’s setbacks we can deal with them more effectively. We will have the wherewithal to stay committed, find a solution, and move forward.

6. Find stress relief

Creating some sort of relaxation ritual where you can cope with stress is essential to an emotionally healthy life. What healthy activities can you do for stress relief? You can sing and listen to music, use deep breathing, meditate, exercise, or read a book. The point is, when we are able to manage stress we can remain more content and keep a healthier perspective on life.

7. Control what you can and accept what you can’t

Your personal power lies in what you have control over. No more blaming others people or your circumstances for problem. Take responsibility for your actions and deal with what you have control over. Determine what you can do to make a change, instead of what you can’t do, and let go of the problems you can’t fix.

8. Appreciate yourself

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to be proud of ourselves and appreciate all we have been through. Reward yourself for hard work. Take pride in your successes. When you are able to love, value, and cherish yourself it is more likely you will be grateful for the life you have.

9. Live from your values

If you have never done so, make a list of what is most important in your life. When we are clear about our values we know what and who to surround ourselves with for a more rich and meaningful life. Start making decisions based on your values. Don’t compromise what is important to you. We can experience a more satisfying life when we’re willing to reframe our perspective, take care of our mental and emotional health, and learn how to manage the ups and downs we encounter. What else can we do to be more satisfied with our life? What do you do to live a meaningful and rich life?