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The powerful question that made me think I was crazy

joe-headshot-homeJoseph Wilner

I decided to honor a life-long passion when I turned 30.

I committed to becoming a professional drummer.

You might be thinking that’s an unorthodox career transition, being that I am a licensed therapist and life coach… and I would agree with you.

You see, as I was working with more and more clients in my practice, I kept asking them the same questions.

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would you do if you could do anything?

And I had a realization: I hadn’t truly answered these questions myself!

So I asked myself, “What would I do if I could do anything?”

And the answer came to me – I would be a professional drummer! And in doing so, I could inspire others to follow their dreams!

I had started playing drums as a young teenager and had always dreamed of touring around the world in a band.

I was worried my dream was not possible. It didn’t fit any mold of success I had learned about. My family and friends were supportive, but I could tell they didn’t really get it.

Was I crazy? What if I failed or wasn’t good enough? Was I just trying to dodge responsibility to go play “rock star?”

But I knew this was the path I had to take.

It was the right decision. No matter what other people thought, no matter how uncertain the outcome, and no matter how many doubts and fears I had.

Today I’m blessed to both be the drummer for my band Yes You Are while continuing to work with clients to help them achieve their own dreams.

I had the support of mentors and fellow Dream Chasers along the way, and know the value of surrounding yourself with people who have your back.

You Have A Calling is my way of paying it forward. This place is a community of people just like you, all seeking to achieve their dreams, who support one another in that mission.

There are hundreds of articles to read, free resources to download, and you can even hire me to coach you on your own journey. I’ve climbed the mountain and now I want to help you up to the top as well.

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